A humble beginning…


You may have heard of the best selling book by Rick Warren that was ever so popular about 6 years, The Purpose Driven Life.  A great book, so I hear.  I have actually never read it, but I own it.  I should probably pick it up and read it sometime because even though it became way too trendy for my taste, I heard that it was really good and really powerful.  Whether or not the book actually lives up to the hype, I really like the title of it.  But a purpose driven life, doesn’t just happen, it starts with a day. It starts with a purpose driven day.  An accomplished life starts with an accomplished day.

Since moving back to the States 6 months ago, I have felt compelled to live my life intentionally.  We had a great time living in Europe.  Half of the time it felt like we were on vacation, in fact, we were on vacation half the time.  We had a lot of reasons (or excuses depending on how you look at it) as to why we weren’t doing “more” in the grand scheme of things.  The biggest reason: language barrier.  And now that we are here in sunny SoCal, I feel compelled to act.  I don’t just want to be, I want to do. I want to do things that are intentional, I want to do things that are purposeful, and most of all I want to do these things with my kids.

A woman in my Bible study group, told me that her New Year’s Resolution was to be intentional.  And that is when I decided I was adopting that word.  I was already striving to do so, but now I have a word that I can think of each day.  Each day!  Each day we have the opportunity to do something, to change something, whether great or small!  Every great thing starts with a humble beginning, with a thought turned into an action.  Baby steps, you know like from that movie “What about Bob?”

I am ditching the excuses and have embraced the opportunity to instill in my children what it looks like to serve others.  I am their role model and I want to take my job seriously.  Piper, at 4, is so very aware of what it means to give and I love it.  A few months ago we started carrying food in our car to pass out to people who were in need.  We have on many occasions handed food out the window of the car.  However, the other day we drove right past because the light was green.  Piper asked, “What did that man’s sign say?  I think he needed something.  I think he needed money or food or something, why didn’t we give it to him?”  My every action, or lack there of, is being internalized by my children and forming the way they view others and the world.  At that moment I was so aware of the impact I have on her and all the more want to be an example.


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  1. Brooke, this is a wonderful way to share. Just reading it made me happy to call you family. You are truly a great role model for your girls and I have no doubt that you will make a diference, one day at a time.

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