Fun and Free Activities in Southern California


If you know me, and more importantly, if you know my hubby, then you know that we are well known for our skills in finding fun and free (or inexpensive) activities.  I plan on making this a regular part of the blog, perhaps a separate tab and I will let you know what is going on, but this is a last minute update for those of you who are local.  Stay in touch, and you will see more great things, I promise!

The Orange County Museum of Art has something called 2nd Sundays.  The admission is free to the museum and they have wonderful activities for the children.  We have gone the last 2 months and really enjoy it.  I hesitate to say this part, because I don’t want the competition 🙂 but there is a survey you can fill out when you leave and you can win a $150 gift certificate for the museum store.  We won the January drawing!  So, in February my husband and I both filled out a survey.  We didn’t win this time, but you can be sure that come this Sunday we will be trying again.  This Sunday, the illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books, Robin Preiss Glasser, will be doing a reading, signing and activity between 12:00-2:00.  For more info go to this website:

Secondly, on Sunday also, is free entrance to Tanaka Farms.  There will be strawberry picking and more fun family activities in support of National Agriculture week which is apparently this coming week.  You can also check out there website at:


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  1. How about contacting an alpaca farm? Some farms have “Farm Days” and there is no charge. Just go online and call ahead. You just have to hug an alpaca!!

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