The Claustrophobic Life


I think I am a claustrophobic person.  I took Piper to a restaurant with a play area and she got scared when she was way up high in the tunnels.  I had to go up and rescue her.  Not fun.  I came down that slide hot, sticky and sweaty and feeling very nauseated.  The stench that fills those tunnels didn’t help. I told Piper that I was not going up there again, so she better think twice before she gets herself in a position that is too scary for her.

I am sure that many of you can relate and might have suffered a similar reaction. It is funny, however, that when it comes to our daily lives we seem to prefer the claustrophobia.  We visit the same stores, take our kids to the same park, call the same friends and choose not to leave the 2 mile radius around our house unless we must.  We don’t really care what’s going on around us because it doesn’t really affect us.  It doesn’t interfere with our day to day lives, so we tend to disregard it as not important.

As a teacher, I know that experience is key to learning.  If you want a child to remember something then a first hand experience is vital.  It is so much more effective than reading from a text.  You can show a child a picture of a cow, or take your child to the farm where he/she can not only see the cow in its environment, but touch it, smell it, hear it, and let’s hope not taste it.

While living in Germany I knew that it would be for a short time, so we spent our weekends and holidays experiencing all Europe had to offer.  I told my German friends that I was going to Neuschwanstein Castle, the one Walt Disney got his inspiration from and they would tell me that they had never been there.  It is the same for us living here.  I live less than an hour away from Hollywood, but I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have seen the Hollywood stars on the walk of fame, and I have always wanted to hike to the Hollywood sign but I never have.  I finally went to the Grand Canyon in 2008 for the first time even though my family lives in Arizona and I was born there.

So let the journey begin!  Whether it is fear that is stopping you from trying something new or just the routine of your life that so easily ensnares us, I encourage you to make an effort to step out.  Let us not be stuck in a rut, but let us get out there and experience something new.  I think that I am going to try a new class at the gym that I am interested in.  I know a bit of fear has prevented me from doing so already.  Secondly, I think I will finally visit that sushi place that I walk by all the time but have never gone to yet.  And how about you?  What would you like to do?  Leave a comment and let me know!

P.S.  The “We’re So Lucky” party was a success.  More photos and info on that soon!  I purchased a green pepper for way too much money, cut it in half to make a shamrock-like stamp.  I also cut potatoes for stamping.  But the kids method of choice was with their hands…of course.


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