Joys and Girls



I’m a performer, an untalented performer, but a performer nonetheless.  One of my first big breaks was playing Joseph in the Christmas play my sisters and I put on for our parents.  The big star of the show was a Cabbage Patch doll.  I went on to perform on stage doing Talent Shows at school.  When I was in 1st grade my friend and I won for our song and dance to the Rainbow Brite song, “Paint a Rainbow”.  There were other school performances throughout the years, “Splish Splash” and “Cold Hearted Snake” and the rap my friends and I made up, “Super Dino”.  Post divorce I got into rap music.  Maybe it is how an 8 year old rebels.  Okay, I am kidding, but it was also the Christmas after the divorce that I remember another one of my attempts at rapping.


We are natural, we got it from the One above

We preach to others and give them our love

Everyone is natural, can’t you see?

Yes, everyone even you and me


Yep, I remember the words even.  Don’t ask me what I meant by natural, I must have just felt that the word fit despite the fact that it adds absolutely nothing to the rest of my “song”.  The following year a couple cousins, my sisters and I danced to the song “Ice, ice baby”.  Now who didn’t love that song?

No one trained us to perform (obviously), or forced us.  We just wanted to.  Growing up with sisters that is what we enjoyed doing.  We enjoyed putting on shows for family, neighbors, and friends.  We liked practicing and dressing up.  The whole nature versus nurture thing, it was part of our nature.  And it was fun!  Heck, a couple years ago my sister, nephew, husband and I practiced and learned the dance to “Soulja Boy” and after our annual Christmas Chili Cook-off we were once again performing for the family.

And now I have daughters, and not just daughters, but daughters with girl cousins!  While my sister and cousin were visiting from Arizona, the kids all decided they were going to put on a show for us.  It brought back so many memories of my childhood and my living room debut all those years ago.  It brought back memories of fun times with my cousins and practices in the front yard, garage, or bedroom.  So the other night I sat and watched my daughter dance to a Justin Bieber song and I couldn’t have been happier.  And though I never thought his music would be playing in our house, “Never say Never” never sounded so sweet.  But don’t think I am content being in the audience now, I am already learning how to dougie ;).  If you don’t know the song, Teach Me How to Dougie, then you must not be in direct contact with teenagers.  Lucky you!

May I just add that Piper does have a matching sweatshirt like everyone else in the video, but could not be convinced to wear it.  Reverse psychology even failed to work this time.  While I might be happy about her not needing to fit in in her teenage years, in the video she looks like the odd one out.  So be it.

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  1. Loved it!!!!!!!!!! I think you forgot about You and Summer singing “I Love Sex and Candy” into the brush and wooden spoon those were the days huh?

  2. hi brooke! wow, all the things we have in common is pretty funny! what a small world! morges is such a small town, most people haven’t even heard of it! and the blog names–it took me forever to come up with a name that hadn’t been taken already. ha! 🙂 well, it’s a great book, and really, the perfect (no pun intended) name for a blog. happy spring to you and your family too!!

  3. Well I am the mom of this blogger and this made me cry!! Yes I was the one who let the living room be turned upside down to be a stage. One of the few times I did and now am soooooo glad I cared less about the house and more about the fun. Thank you for sharing sweet daughter of mine.

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