Feeling Crafty: An Easter Egg Tree


When inspiration strikes!

Cute tissue paper egg

My Martha Stewart Eggs

This week I was feeling crafty and I decided to decorate some eggs.  I made these Martha Stewart eggs years ago, pre-kids.  Back then I had time to blow the yolk out of eggs, measure paper, cut quarter inch strips, etc., etc.  This year’s eggs are also super cute, and better yet, super easy!  I bought plastic eggs this year, and with a little bit of Modge Podge and decorative tissue paper, Piper and I made some cute eggs to hang on our Easter “egg tree”.  Piper also painted on some eggs covered in a plain colored paper and they all look really cute.  It is something you can totally do with your kids and you don’t have to stress out that they are going to break the egg after all your hard work of blowing the yolk out.  While I was cleaning up my mess and throwing away the trash, I was inspired!  Looking right at me from a newspaper page in the trash was a vintage add for oranges, called “Roses Brand Oranges”.  So, I decided to make another egg with it and I think it is oh so cute!  The eggs I have have a hook and string, but you can also use plastic eggs and once they are covered you can glue a cute ribbon onto them.  And then go on a hunt for some good sticks to make your tree!

What you need:

plastic eggs (or if you are feeling ambitious you can blow your own eggs)

decorative paper (the thinner the better)

Modge Podge

How to:

Cut or tear your paper into pieces (smaller pieces for thicker paper like scrapbooking paper).  With your finger or brush, apply a coat of Modge podge to the backside of the paper.  Lay it on your egg and cover with Modge podge again.  Continue until your egg is covered.

Have fun!

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