Little people, little things


It must be interesting to view the world on your hands and knees.  Tatum could probably tell you every speck and stain on our floor if she could talk, but probably takes no notice to the new pictures that we recently hung on our walls.  Even after I vacuum the floor, I can undoubtedly count on Tatum to find where I missed a spot.  She has no qualms about putting stale Cheerios or smashed raisins right in her mouth.  When she started pulling herself up on furniture a couple months ago, Brian and I felt like she just gained a new perspective on life.  I’ve been realizing lately that little people notice little things.  Tatum doesn’t use her words yet, but I am amazed at the little things she enjoys.  When I am feeding her she loves to try and grab my necklace.  And when I am holding her, she takes her tiny finger and her tiny thumb and will pull on my arm hairs.  This drives me crazy, but it gives her comfort, so I try and ignore the pain of arm hairs that are constantly on the verge of being pulled out of my skin.  Piper is a bit older and has a big vocabulary, but she too notices little things, like the earrings the little girl is wearing on the box of LIFE cereal.  She noticed.  Or the woman at the store who had an “up toe”.  Maybe the lady was arthritic, I don’t know, because I didn’t notice!  While they are very observant of the little things, it seems they have no understanding of the big picture, which is why a child might throw a tantrum over not being able to have ice cream for dinner.  Somewhere in the process of growing up, we forget to pay attention to the small things, but see the big picture only.  How important the big picture is!  But, I want to take cues from the little people in my life and notice the little things.  The big picture is goal-oriented and daunting, while the small things are pleasure-seeking and gratifying.  Often I find myself popping the kids in the double stroller because even though Piper is 4, I know that I will get to the market much quicker this way.  However, I noticed that we have fun together when I let her walk.  We skip and gallop and take in the different flowers we see and look at the different cars we pass.  Today we saw a limousine and Piper asked me what kind of car that was.  She told me, “I knew you would know because you know so much about cars.”  (Just one of my many impressive skills).  There is so much to be grateful for if we realize the little things.  I am reminded of the cute video that some of you might have seen already of Piper praying.  She is grateful for the tortilla, juice, water and fork!  I am not usually giving thanks for my fork, but maybe I should, because there have been times where I have eaten with my fingers because I didn’t have a fork.  And so, today I will share a few of the little things that make me happy.  I was happy to find that Grape Nuts cereal was on sale because I love them, but never will pay full price.  I find joy in watching my little seedlings pop up as I am attempting my first garden.  And lastly, I love my Mrs. Meyers basil scented hand soap.  It makes me happy!  And what about you?  Really, I want to know!  Leave a comment and let me know about the little things in your life that make you happy.


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  1. Oh my goodness, that video brought tears to my eyes- LITTLE pipes! I loved it. SO sweet, innocent… and the facial expressions- SO pi! I loved this, Brooke- it’s SO true what you said! I love seeing my girls notice the details. The things that make me happy- the little things… having my bedroom window open while laying atop fresh clean white sheets that have been dried in the sun and feeling a slight spring breeze come thru, the sound a long cotton dress makes as I go up and down the stairs- if I close my eyes it sounds like the sound of sails flapping in the wind… and I wish I lived barefoot on a sailboat, hearing Ella talk about her realtionship with God and start to OWN it, a slice of homemade bread with honey on it, I love feeling sweaty from a good long uninterrupted work out. And i love you family, Brookey- I am SO blessed by this blog. I save it like desseert and savor it!

    • Oh wow, those all sound really amazing! I love laying on clean sheets in general. That first night on my newly washed sheets is the best. Homemade bread…delish. Especially, warm! I guess I don’t own a long cotton dress, but Piper does, and just seeing her in her super cute dress makes me happy. Oh and the video makes me happy too. So precious isn’t it?

  2. There are so many little things I love and actually a quote about them that I love as well that says something to the effect that when you notice the little things you realize they actually turn out to be the biggest things in life especially in retrospect. Anyway, since I have been on a restrictive diet lately the little things that make me happy mostly relate to food. I am soo happy when a co-worker brings be avocados from her tree… the BEST avocados, huge and buttery, better than anything you find at Whole Foods or even the farmers market… plus they are free! Next thing is finding that Artisana now makes Coconut Butter in an 8oz size rather than just the 16oz! This allowed me to reason to justify paying for the luxury….it makes me feel happy when I eat a spoon full of my new Coconut Butter and know that it is just made of coconut meat but is as good and rich as eating a fine truffle.

    • The funny thing is that when I was thinking of mine, initially I realized they were not only food related, but cost related too! It is such a treat to get something for free isn’t it? Thanks Kristal for sharing!

  3. Hi Brookie, Loved the blog as you know I think you are so talented but by writing your blog you make me think about things I take for granted so here goes, I love to look down at freshly painted toe nails it just makes me happy, I love to walk into a clean house, I love that my chickens are finally laying eggs and I love to buy something on sale oh yeah and I love you!!!!!!!

    • I LOVE freshly painted toes too! I don’t realize how much I love them until I notice myself being embarrassed of my feet once the polish is growing out. And who doesn’t love a good bargain, especially in our family!

  4. As you probably know with my crazy life I really don’t get to notice the little things, the things that would put a smile on my face in the midst of the chaos. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, working like crazy to make our household run as smooth as possible, but in the middle of the craziness that is our life, I do love the Saturdays at the football field even when it’s 11o outside. I love my silly daughter, who doesn’t think before she speaks, she always gives us a good laugh. I love fruit that has already been cut & chilled for my enjoyment. I love the water in any form, the beach, lakes, pools. I love watching the sunset off the ocean, I love the memories of my dad as crazy as they are. I LOVE butterflies, that bring me a sense of hope that THIS ugly caterpillar might one day turn into a beautiful butterfly.

  5. I love watching my kids playing together and listening to there cute conversations. I love when walking into a store and someone holds the door open for me. I love a cool breeze when its hot outside. And I love the sound of rain, it makes me happy.

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