I wanted to sit down today and write about my beautiful baby, Tatum Paloma who just turned 1!  But that is going to have to wait.  I want to give that my full attention and really reflect on the last year.  But, right now I am playing the role of single mom.  Saturday night, as we were getting Brian’s suitcases ready for his flight on Sunday morning, I realized that this was going to be my first time solo with the girls.  Why the heck did I wait until I was in a foreign country that would include a 12 hour flight home to be my first experience?!?!  I really should have done a weekend first or something.  And so, as one might expect, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing.  Today I put the kids in the car and ran upstairs to the apartment to grab my cell.  When I came back I was greeted with a purple comb protruding from Piper’s forehead.  This was after a not-so-smooth morning.  After many attempts to get the comb out, I ended up taking Piper to the store with the comb stuck in her hair.  We eventually got it out along with clumps of hair, but at least there is not a purple comb staring at me when I look at her.  While this morning, I was kept on my toes we are enjoying our time here visiting our friends and old neighbors.  Well, that is all for now.  More to come about Tatum and our trip without anymore interruptions I hope!


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  1. I love the picture!!! When it rains it pours, why can’t bad luck & bad days be more equally spread out. It’s as if losing your keys & purse weren’t enough now we have to add in screaming kids, dead battery & a purple comb. Definitely a memory!

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