Feeling Crafty: Paper art and painting


Super Cute Lantern Craft!

Hello Kitty Lantern

Isn’t this cute?  We went to a Hello Kitty event at the local library and they did this for a craft.  It is so easy!  They printed out a picture of Hello Kitty’s face and the kids cut the ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers out.  Simply attach with glue!  Think of the possibilities that you can make with lanterns!  Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween, Snowmen in the winter, and all kinds of animals too!

Piper doing some painting...of her clothing

The finished product

This was a super cute dress that Piper got from her friend, Ella.  She looked so pretty in white, until she did some coloring with some markers that weren’t washable.  I tried two times to get the marker out and the few spots wouldn’t come out.  So we decided the white dress was the perfect canvas for some more decorating!  We pulled out the paints and we actually think the dress looks really cute with its pastel-y pinks and blues splashed and brushed all over it.  We haven’t washed it yet, but we plan on washing the dress in cold water and vinegar to make the color stay.  So, the next time your kiddo stains up a shirt, turn it into some wearable art!  And to Jill, thanks for the dress…I hope you like it!

"Wall Flowers"

Lots of Dots!

Oh so sweet!

We celebrated Tatum’s 1st birthday this weekend and it was so fun!  One day last week Piper and I were going to make paper mache flowers to use for decorations for the party.  We didn’t have any tissue paper, but we have lots of cute scrapbook paper.  So, we ended up creating some really fun flowers that were really easy to make!  You just take a sheet of paper and start folding it back and forth like an accordion.  Then do the same to another sheet of paper.  Cut a notch in each paper in the middle.  On one sheet cut it on the white side and on the other, cut it on the print side.  And then, with decorative scissors, cut the ends of the sheets of paper (while it is still folded), curved, in a point, however you would like.  Lastly, connect the two together by placing the notches together (s0metimes attaching with a twist tie helps), fan out and staple!  So easy and so cute!  To make one that goes on a stick, like the one I have in the flower pot, just fold 2 pieces of paper together.  And when you have your finished product, you have a little pocket where you can insert the stem.

Let me know if you make any of these crafts.  I’d love to hear how they turn out and if you have any tips or new ideas.  Have fun!

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