This weather calls for FUN!


I love when there isn’t much on the agenda and yet everything falls into place to make for the perfect day.  It started on Saturday with tickets to the L.A. Philharmonic which didn’t start until 8pm.  So we had the whole day and began it by (doing what I love to do when we don’t have anything planned) going on a “destination walk”.  That is what I call it when I leave the house and follow garage sale signs around the neighborhood seeing what kind of finds I come across.  It is much more exciting than just walking a mile up a street and a mile back.  You don’t know exactly where you will end up!  And then of course, the walk wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to C’est Si Bon.  I resisted the temptation and left empty handed while Brian got a coffee and a pain chocolat (it was pretty much necessary that I took one bite).  After that, because apparently last week was “bike to work” week or something, the nearby bike shop was doing a group bike ride around the back bay.  Brian was going to take Piper, but then it turned into a family affair.  Eleven miles was definitely the furthest I had biked in a LONG time which left my hiney pretty darn sore the next day.  The wind in Tatum’s face must have been relaxing because she fell asleep in the WeeRide around mile 3, at which point we had to switch her with Piper who was in the not-so-safe trailer that was lacking all but a lap belt.  After a quick cry, Tatum managed to fall back asleep in the most uncomfortable looking position with her helmet on, poor baby.  Nearing the end of our trek we stopped by Pearson’s Port so Brian and Piper could pick out a fish for lunch.  Let me just tell you about Pearson’s Port.  It is like stepping back in time!  And somehow it has its loyal Newport Beach yuppies keeping it in business.  It is a little shack floating at the end of a dock which looks like it hasn’t changed in 50 years.  A boat pulled up and buckets of live shrimp where dumped into these bins.  Brian and Piper had been there before, but this was my first time, and boy was it an adventure!  After we came home the three of us napped for two hours!  In the meantime, Piper destroyed the playroom.  And then it was a mad rush to get out of the house for our date night! (literally it was a mad rush, because back in October we missed our performance to see The Phantom of the Opera due to stupid L.A. traffic)

Pearson's Port with Piper's fish of choice, one with eyeballs.

Tatum and the ancient decor

date night

My aunt and cousin watched the girls and stayed the night, and while nothing was on Sunday’s agenda, it turned into a lovely afternoon on Balboa Island.  Piper and I shared a chocolate covered banana, because we have decided that we can’t go there without doing so.  Then, we came home and it seemed like the perfect time to take off Piper’s training wheels.  After she got dressed in long pants, long sleeves and gloves, she went out there and did it like it was nothing.  In all of 2 minutes she was riding on two wheels!  (balance bikes are the best practice)

Here she comes!

And now today it was back to the daily grind for the man of the house and back to “girl time” as Piper likes to call it.  We were inspired by a scene from Ramona and Beazus where Ramona and her father create a giant picture.  And so today, on our agenda was to create a giant picture thanks to the roll of moving paper that has had so many uses since Brian’s parents moved and gave us this roll.  Piper wanted me to draw a castle in the clouds.  And while we were almost finished she wanted a second, smaller castle on another cloud.  That castle was going to be smaller because it was further away.  It is in Germany, and the big castle is in America.

Piper working on her castle

She wrote "America" next to this one and gave it a brush of dark blue paint above because it is nighttime in America

She wrote "America" next to this one and gave it a brush of dark blue paint above because it is nighttime in America

Here she wrote "Germany" and gave it some light blue paint above it because it is daytime

Here she wrote "Germany" and gave it some light blue paint above it because it is daytime

Tatum using a crayon before she discovered the paint and that it actually doesn't taste as good as it looks

Our longest painting! (before we added our German castle)

And while I said my unexpected fun weekend started on Saturday, it actually started on Friday.  I forgot about our lovely lemonade stand!  We have been wanting to sell lemonade after I purchased a little set at Ross for $2.99 (24 cups, a stirring spoon, table cloth and dry erase marker, score!) We had gotten some lemons off a friends tree on Wednesday, and on Friday we decided to have it.  Fifty cents for a cup of homemade lemonade (which was delicious by the way) and fifty cents for a mini cupcake.  An hour and a half later, we were sold out of lemonade and had made $21!  I love our house for the sheer fact that it is the perfect location for lemonade stands!  I mean, honestly, wouldn’t you have stopped too?

Piper copied the word "Lemonade" from the box before I even got out there. That is supposed to say "50" underneath if you couldn't tell.

And last, but not least, since I seem to have included tons of pictures already, I thought I would add these ones too of the girls enjoying the juice popsicles we made last week.  Tatum is looking way too adorable in her little swim bottoms and hat and Piper is sporting a veil that became part of her wardrobe for about two weeks until I stepped on it and tore it.


Piper holding them for the camera


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  1. Loved all the pictures & adventures that your family took. Nautica & Piper can have a rockin’ lemonade stand this summer, Nautica is a great sales person.

  2. The picture and lemonade stand are adorable! The kids are, too, of course. The $2.99 bargain sounds like something Tam would get 🙂

    • Ross is one of the stores that is super close so I find myself there quite often. I figured $2.99 for 24 cups is worth it, so throw in the spoon and table cloth and marker, and you’ve got a bargain! I’ll take it!

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