Yesterday and Today


The Pata Family

So, last night was my first night on duty with the quads and their family.  I showed up bearing no gifts (is that bad?), but I did bring food.  Always a good thing, right?  For those of you who know me, I am not really a baby person.  I like my own babies, but even then I appreciate it when they get out of the newborn phase.  But honestly, they were really cute!  They were small, but not so small that they were sickly looking.  They just looked so perfectly proportioned and miniature.  It was funny to hear the parents describe one as having a big head, because really, you are talking about a 4 lb. baby, how big of a head can he really have?  And another is nicknamed “The General”, though I found him to be the least bit intimidating.  I stayed for about 2 1/2 hours, doing dishes, folding laundry, playing with big brother and holding tiny little babies.  The nervous feeling of walking into someone’s house that I didn’t know quickly went away as soon as I met the family.  They were so easy-going, and it seemed like I would have picked them to be friends if I had met them before this encounter anyway.  I am also pleased to say that others have made their way over to help out, including my sister (thanks Stacy!).  I have spread the word to my church and a few people have contacted Misty about arranging a time to go over there.  I thought that they were probably hooked up with diapers or something, but they are not, so if you want to give the gift of diapers, they go through 35 a day!  That is more than a pack a day.

And on a completely different note…today was the last day of the Oprah show.  I haven’t watched Oprah since before we moved to Germany because that was the last time we had a TV, but I am still so bummed!  I grew up on Oprah!  I never was a super faithful follower, but it seems like I have watched her shows since the beginning.  I was sad when Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters no longer did 20/20, but this is a WAY bigger deal to me.  I think it has something to do with getting older.  It makes me feel like my mom talking about the Mary Tyler Moore Show or something.  So, despite my 3 year Oprah hiatus, I watched the finale in a big way.  Leave it to my friend Tiffany to a throw an Oprah Farewell Party, complete with Oprah cookies from Cinderella Cakes.  Everybody needs a Tiffany in their life if they don’t have one.  Her kids are teenagers now, so she appreciates the pitter patter of little feet in her house and she even told me that she loves the hand prints my girls leave behind.  I know!  Can you believe it?  So, go out there and find someone with older children because they will love to take care of yours!  Piper and I decided that it was the perfect occasion to wear a tiara, why not?

With that said, though, the finale was a bit of a disappointment.  It felt like my days in speech and debate.  Oprah seemed very scripted and I was thinking that if I were still in high school perhaps I would have chosen her speech over Barbara Bush for my ora’toracle interpretation.  (Whoa, pulled that one out of the back of my brain.  I haven’t thought of, nor did I even remember that I remembered my Barbara Bush speech until right now!  Shout out to Mrs. Franzen the best speech and debate coach and teacher out there 😉 )  But thankfully this new technology stuff allowed us to watch yesterday’s episode too, which was super fun.  Plus, we had cute specialty Oprah cookies to eat, that’s always fun!

An Oprah Occasion


Complete with Oprah cookies

Our yummy snacks

The kiddos who were having way too much fun by themselves while we were watching Oprah

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