The Claustrophobic Life…an update


My Little Fish Eater

Chowin' down

Tatum chose to eat AND wear her food

"I know what to do with these sticks too"

I just wanted to let y’all know that we finally made it to the sushi restaurant that I said we have been eying since we moved here.  I picked up my nephew from school last week and in order to get your 15-year-old nephew to want to hang out with you and your family that includes two toddler girls, you better have something planned that he will like.  Plus, it would give Brian someone to enjoy the sushi with since I don’t eat it.  Well, little did we know that Piper would love it.  Should have known I guess, since she always wants to eat the eyeballs of fish.  Tatum liked the tofu in the miso soup, the rice, and was chowing down on the lettuce because of the peanut-y dressing.  A fun night!

Secondly, as I also mentioned in my “Claustrophobic Life” entry, I have been taking classes regularly for the past few months.  The first time was a little scary, but since I have walked in and was the new person on 4 different classes, woohoo!  (But I have only regularly been attending 2)

And lastly, guess what the Ristows are doing this Friday?  We are going on a nocternal nature hike right here in Orange County.  At the Patchwork Indie Arts Festival we went to a couple of weekends ago, there was this booth for Naturalist For You.  They offer free guided hikes all over California (and New York)!  Check out the website, step out of your bubble, and come explore! 

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