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For some of you this might just be a brief little summary of how we spent our weekend, but for others this is a call to check this out!  As I mentioned in my blog last week, we went on a family nocturnal hike on Friday night.  It was really awesome!  Seriously!  We had such a great time hanging out with complete strangers, who would have thought?  We ate a wild mustard flower that tasted like raw broccoli, we listened to the calls of birds, owls and frogs, we spotted a cute little mouse in his den as well as a raccoon and even a shooting star.  It is something we will definitely do again.  The website is and you can check out all the different things they have going on in California.  The guide was named Joel and he kind of resembled a homeless man, but that’s cool right?  On the website there is a banner you can click on for a short movie called, Mountain Man and it is about him and his grass roots organization, really cool.

Piper and Marsha on our hike

Joel pointing out the "fried egg flower" which really has a much more scientific name that ends with "poppy"

Silverado Creek

“Above all, art should be fun”  -Alexander Calder

We LOVE LOVE LOVE 2nd Sundays at the Orange County Museum of Art.  This was definitely a weekend full of the best of the fun and free things in SoCal.  The have a new exhibit with the works of Calder who invented the mobile, so it was full of really cool hanging mobiles all over the place.  He also traveled the world with his traveling circus made of wire, and scraps (sounds weird, but it was actually really cool).  But honestly, we really don’t go there for the exhibits!  We go for all the cool art project they have available for the kids at no cost!  And there are tons of volunteers there that love playing with your kids.  So today, Piper came home with a funky sculpture, a collage, a painted woodblock, a drip painting lantern, and a tote bag that she got to decorate.  And on top of that there was a story reading, a film of Calder’s Circus, and parachute activities for the little kids.  So, mark your calendars and don’t miss the 2nd Sundays at OCMA.  And if you aren’t local, this is a Target sponsored event, who doesn’t love Target, right?  Check out your local museum to see if and when they have their free Target sponsored day.

And sorry about the 2 posts in one day.  Just wasn’t sure when I would have a moment to sit and write again.  And while I will be posting this on fb, I am hoping to stay away for a few days.  Here are some pictures until next time…

FUN! (and even edible sometimes, though not intended to be)

The not so itsy-bitsy spider and her web

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