Living in the Moment


Last week I heard this woman speak about her 3 month stint in India assisting at a hospital with a nonprofit organization.  I was struck by a story that she shared and it reminded me of the cute book where I got the title for my blog, All in a Day.  And while a day is a “perfect piece of time” to do so much, I now wonder what I can be doing in the moment.  She shared about an experience at a train station.  She had been traveling all day and she was emotionally and physically done by the time she got to this third Indian train station.  It was the end of her trip and she was heading home.  Kids kept coming up and saying, “Five rupies, five rupies” and she was told not to give money to them because it just goes to their “boss” and the kids don’t benefit.  Besides, the sheer number of these rail kids, made it seem impossible to make a difference anyway.  And then, her friend said, “You give me five rupies!”  And at that moment, she thought, Uh-oh, this isn’t good.  That is not the right thing to say.  But the kids started laughing and the friend continued, “Well are you going to dance?  Come on, show me what you got!”  And before she knew it they were in the middle of this bustling dirty train station laughing and doing the hokie-pokie.  And most of all, allowing these rail kids to be just that, kids for that one moment.  She couldn’t change their destiny, but in that brief moment these kids were given attention in a loving and carefree way.

What do we do with our moments?  Well, I know I waste a lot of them.  I have given way too many moments to facebook, I know that for sure.  I am not ready to cut ties, but I definitely am cutting back.  I want my moments to count.  I want my moments to be spent engaged with others, not with a computer screen.  I want them to be full of building memories with my family, not looking up pictures of other people with their family.  I want to live in the moment with an awareness of the eternal.


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