Friendly Competition


Today I got to have some special time with Piper which was really great.  One of the best things about having the hubby home for summer is having one-on-one time with the kids.  Piper says a lot of funny things and keeps us laughing around here.  One of the latest was she asked why Tatum had “wires of blood” going across her forehead.  Good metaphor for veins don’t you think?  Everything related to Tatum usually comes across a bit negative.  Perhaps, there’s a tinge of jealousy, sibling rivalry or just friendly competition.  However, Tatum is unaware of the competition which makes it all the more interesting.  She told Tatum in the car today, “You look like a boy.”  She says that frequently and when I told her that it wasn’t nice, she said, “No Mom, it is just because she took her hair clip out.”  And then I had to remind Piper that she wasn’t wearing a hair clip either.

I was looking through some pictures today and was just laughing and enjoying Piper for who she is: a little competitive, and a lot bossy.  She fits the mold of the first borns in my family. First, I came across these:

On this day I was taking a picture of Tatum in a hat that was given to her by her Great Aunt Susie.  Tatum was playing with a basketball in the garage when I was taking this, however, I just wanted to take a picture of her with her hat.  Piper, noticing that the camera was on Tatum said that she wanted a picture with the basketball too.

And so we take a picture of Piper with the basketball.  And then jokingly, Brian says, “I want my picture with the basketball” which starts the beginning of the family pictures with the basketball…minus Tatum, because I was never taking her picture with the ball in the first place!


On Valentine’s Day this year we went to the local senior center to pass out treats and cards to them.  We have a ladybug/lovebug costume and so I dressed Tatum in it to go there, but of course you can’t dress up the baby without Piper wanting in on it too!  And so we looked like the family who got the holidays mixed up.

I know a thing or two about competition and sibling rivalry.  I grew up with two sisters, and there was some serious competition going on.  The funny thing is, Stacy, the oldest, was just over 3 when she already had 2 younger siblings.  Her world was turned upside down before she even knew it!  You would think that since she never really got to experience life as an only child that the competitive spirit wouldn’t be there.  Oh, but it was!  I, being the baby, was told I was adopted by my two older sisters.  They told me that I had Elvis Presley eyebrows, and light hair and light eyes unlike the other two.  Clearly signs that I was adopted.  If you can relate, then there is this cute children’s book called, The Chicken of the Family.  The two sisters try and tell the 3rd that she is not really their sister, but that they got her from the farm down the street and she is actually a chicken.  In the night, they put a feather in her bed and an egg on the ground and she starts to believe them.  She goes to the farm to be with her chicken family and has so much fun that one of the other sisters wants to join her.  Not the oldest, of course, because her plan is not going the way it was supposed to.  It’s a pretty cute book.

Don't let those cute faces deceive you!

What’s your sibling story?  Were you the one doing the taunting or being taunted?



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  1. Too Funny Brookie loved the story but can’t think of a story other than Sandy teasing us relentlessly or Susie punching me in the back and telling me not to tell or she would punch me again

  2. I was going to say please don’t get my sisters started on sibling stories. I was the boss and they did have their lists from me. I felt it was my “duty” at 11 to go through Sandy, Susie and Lisa’s closet before the start of school and write my mom a list of what they needed. Of course she let me and my sisters hated me. I got mad at Susie when at age 5 her kindergarten teacher told her to be “independent self reliant” and I couldn’t pick out her clothes for school any more. How dare Miss Konian (I even remember her name!)

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