It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s an anniversary present!


Piper and her cousin, Nautica, were busy at work on Monday making us the perfect anniversary present.  I bought them glitter felt at Michael’s that they said they needed (but now that I think about it wasn’t used) and some pink paper (which, now that I think about it, they also didn’t use…hey I think they were using ME!)  I drew the line at the Snow White stickers.  I told them that I really didn’t need Snow White stickers on whatever this present was.  And so, on Tuesday, I woke up to the most wonderful gift!  Wonderful only because they did it all by themselves.  They made me an apron out of leftover fabric from my curtains, too cute!  Complete with a cape-like back and everything!  No tying required.  Nautica did the writing and Piper did the decorating.  And equally as cute is the picture they took.

A picture of the apron…obviously, not our faces

Take two!

For our anniversary we went to the gym sans kids, played some racquetball, enjoyed the jacuzzi and went out to dinner at Spaghettini in Seal Beach.  It is a jazz club and restaurant and even though I grew up about 2 miles down the street from the place I had never been there.  The Tony Guerrero Quartet was playing, a comical group of guys.  And the food was fantastic.  Brian called and found out they had happy hour and it was perfect!  We had a seat in the bar which was also where the band played.  Otherwise, the music is streamed throughout the restaurant by speakers.  Happy hour was until 7 and the band started at 7!  So we ordered our drinks and an appetizer (the bruschetta with goat cheese was amazing!) and were planning on getting food off of the main menu.  Some parent in Brian’s school district donated $100 gift certificates to all the special education teachers, so we figured we’d splurge.  But, the bar menu food looked really good and we weren’t really hungry for a huge meal, so we ordered an entree and another appetizer from the bar!  I guess I can’t help myself when it comes to bargains!  I think I am going to make a list and share with you all my favorite happy hour deals.  It is one of our “skills”.

What did we get each other, perhaps you are wondering.  Well, we have done traditional gifts since we have been married, and year eight happens to be bronze.  Eight years!  Hard to believe, I feel too young.  Anyway, Brian got me some really cool earrings from the Patchwork Indie Arts and Craft show we went to a while back.  And I got Brian a Pottery Barn door knocker with the letter “R” engraved(with a bronze finish.  We give ourselves a little bit of freedom when it comes to traditional gift giving).  That might seem like a weird gift, but last week he just finished painting the house and it looks SO much better!  Complete with a red door and everything!  I’ve always wanted a red door!  And so, now we have a cute door knocker on our cute red door.

Before…the corner of the wall was permantly stained from a sprinkler that was aimed straight at the wall.

During…there’s our red door!

After…The finished product.

We are just renters, but with a few Groupon purchases from Frazee paint, and with a husband who has summers off, it really was a very small investment that was so worth it to us!  Even if we are here only another year, well, then for 1 year, I will enjoy my red door!


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