Feeling Crafty: From our house to the birds’


Recycled Trellis

It is so great having Brian home for the summer so that all of our projects can get done. I have ideas, and big plans a lot of the times, but Brian has the ambition and says, “let’s do it!”  So I had this idea to make a trellis for these jasmine plants I have growing in the front.  The gardeners always cut them like bushes, but really they are vines and they just need something so that they can climb.  Using some wood from the woodpile on the side of the house, a little rope and some chain, I (we) made a trellis.  I am now thinking two will look even better.

I have some frames similar to these and they were my inspiration.  They are made from old boat wood in Thailand.  I love the color schemes and thought something like that would look cool hanging from the eaves of the house.  The colors didn’t really go, but I thought I would tie in my new red door and use some of the same paint to paint the wood for my trellis.  Seriously, we did not go to the store to buy anything for this project.  We had the wood, rope, and some chain left over from a fluorescent light that used to hang in the garage.  As for hardware, we used 4 small hook screws.

my supplies

Brian drilled 2 holes in each side of the wood.  Then, I tied a knot in the bottom of the rope and began lacing.  I didn’t need to tie knots after each one because the tension keeps it in place, and I was able to adjust and straighten them easily once they were up.

We attached hooks to the eaves and to the top piece of wood and attached the chain for a little rustic looking trellis.  So easy!  Oh, and Brian took a piece of rope and attached it to a strong branch so that it wouldn’t bang against the stucco in the wind.  I still think blues, yellows and greens would look cool, so please, someone try it!

Decorating Bird Houses

I purchased these bird houses unfinished at Michaels for either $1 or $2.  I can’t remember.  Either way, they weren’t very expensive and can keep your child busy for at least a half hour.  Think outside of the box (or house).  Of course, you can paint it, but buttons, decoupage, stickers, glitter and even photographs are also fun.  Can I just say that I love Modge Podge.  It is a gluey paste that you can use to attach anything to, well, anything!  Nautica applied some Modge Podge onto her bird house, laid some cute paper on it, and then painted on another layer of Modge Podge.  It also makes for a nice glossy finish.  I have this plan to decoupage this kid’s rocking chair I got at a garage sale last year wtih some cute paper and Modge Podge.  If only I can get Brian to put it on his “to do” list too, then I know for sure we can get it done this Summer.

Piper went for the simple look while Nautica wanted every color and paper and even a bird house button on top

Also, right now at Michaels Craft Store, foam brushes are 14 for $1.  That is such a good price!  Saturday is the last day of the sale, but they go on sale every couple months.  They are the best for kids because you don’t get the bare spots that you would with a chincy paint brush and I am not about to let my 4 year old use my nice ones.  Plus, if they get thrashed after one or two times, who cares!  It costs 8 cents!  We used them to decorate our bird houses, but we also used them for some water painting.  Sometimes, when Piper wants to do crafts or painting, I let her do water painting because she doesn’t need to be supervised.  I don’t want paint on her clothes, but I can handle water.

Water Painting

A few months ago Piper was doing water painting in the afternoon.  The next morning the sprinklers had come on, left a water mark on the walkway and Piper thought her painting was still there.  That’s the only thing about water painting the hotter it is, the shorter your picture will stick around.  I just realized what a killing AquaDoodle is making off of their product.  The idea is the same, except you don’t have to be outside.  Wow!  And people pay good money for those!

And before I sign off, can I just share with you pictures of Tatum and her big girl pigtails.  She is growing and changing so much right now and she is keeping us all laughing.

Doesn’t she look like she could be Pippy Longstocking’s little sister in this picture?


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