Summer Service


This week we have been volunteering as a family for Vacation Bible School in the area.  You have probably seen signs on churches across your city promoting their VBS this summer.  Brian and I were saying it is about as American as apple pie.  It seems like it is just what churches do.  At Rockharbor Church they have done something a little different the last few years.  They have taken Vacation Bible School out of the church and into the communities.  This entire week at 30+ locations in Orange County kids are meeting in parks, schools and even backyards connecting with others in their neighborhood and getting the chance to be loved on.  And most importantly, many are learning about The Big God Story and how they play apart in that story.  While I miss the big production aspect of VBS that I have seen and been a part of in the past, I have really enjoyed this experience.  I am getting followed around by 6 year old girls who want to do everything I am doing and have soaked up the attention by the little boys who told me that I rocked the coolest hairstyle today for crazy hair day.  It has been 4 years since I have worked in the classroom and this brought back so many fun aspects of my job.  But the best part is being there as a family.  It was Brian’s idea to volunteer and I figured if that is how he wanted to spend a week of his vacation, I mean gosh, he only has 10 weeks ;), then let’s do it!

Straight out of Whoville

Piper was a bit shy the first couple days and today she came out of her shell.  She saw a friend that used to take dance with her and the two of them were playing a game with the older boys.  Piper has a thing for boys between the ages of 6 and 10, especially if they are the class clown type.  Tatum gets tons of attention too.  The little girls want to feed her, push her in the swing and even hold her.  She will take up the offer from a perfect stranger if it involves food and a swing ride, but she won’t let them pick her up which is fine with me.

Each year the church picks a service project for the kids.  This year we are collecting money for “We’ve Got your Back” a project by the organization Giving Children Hope.  They provide backpacks full of food for children to pick up and take home to feed the families through the weekend.  For $20 a family can receive a backpack each weekend for a month with enough food for everyone.  I love the idea of teaching the kids about sacrifice and serving others. 



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