Sometimes I wish I made my own income.  Sometimes I wish I could go spend that money that I made on some new clothes.  And if I found some good deals and cute things and it cost $150, then so be it.  Sometimes I wish I had more occasions to dress up, but with that said, I am also glad that flip flops are acceptable footwear for a stay-at-home mom.  Sometimes I wish my compliments came from my boss and not my toddler.  Sometimes I wish that I could read a book or take a bath without interruptions.  Sometimes I fall victim to the belief that a little more money could solve the problem.


But then, when I peak on the kiddos sleeping in their beds, I know that the sacrifice is worth it.  This is a season of my life and there will be a day not too far away when I will be wishing there was noise in the house and it will be gone.  Perhaps there will even be a day when I can go to the store and buy whatever my little heart desires!  Until then I must not only accept, but relish, that I get paid in hugs and kisses and that my 4 year old thinks I am beautiful no matter what I wear.

No matter what.

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  1. Oh, Brook, you get paid every time those babies look at you with joy and wonder. Enjoy this time with them, you will appreciate it in the years to come.

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