Summer Days drifting away


Yesterday I was wearing a new yellow shirt that I scored at a garage sale this weekend and was thinking it looked really great with my blue toes.  I don’t normally go blue when it comes to painting my nails, but I thought I would do something different, something fun.  The yellow shirt felt so summery, especially with my linen skirt and I was just reflecting on how much I LOVE summer.  I love the longer days, the movies and concerts in the park, the beach, the pool, and most of all having a Brian home to enjoy all of this stuff with us.  In a recent post I wrote that I sometimes wish for more money, but instead I get my husband home 13 weeks a year.  Not a bad trade I must admit (except in my moments of want).

summer toes for summer clothes

That was yesterday.

Today, reality has sunk in.  I am not even going back to work, but tonight I am feeling the effects of the beginning of another school year.  Last year at this time things were so new.  We were just coming away from our stint in Europe, moving to a new city, Brian was starting a new job, and I had a new baby.  How quickly things become normal.  And so tonight as I was packing a lunch, because the girls and I are going on our biggest girl adventure yet, San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Brian is going back to work.  I have mixed emotions about the whole thing, just as I used to at the start of every new school year as a child.  Excited to meet the new teacher and wear my new clothes, but that all wears off way too quickly.  These days I am excited to get back to my routines like going to the library, meeting up with my friends and making it to the farmer’s market on a regular basis.  I hope the excitement doesn’t wear off as quickly as a new school wardrobe that’s all I have to say.

Speaking of wardrobes, I took a picture of Piper in her “teenager” dress that I described in the post, Yesterday.  While the picture might look a bit provocative, she is really just too lazy to stand up to take a picture.

Tatum is creating her own style too at the moment.  As we were heading out the door to the beach I asked Piper to grab a hat.  Tatum grabbed a hat too.  If only you could see the one pig tail that was sticking out.  Too cute.

Our Little Homegirl

So how did we spend our last day of summer?  We slept in, went on a walk and ended up at a new place for breakfast.  We lounged around the house, which was great because I was able to finish the book, The Hunger Games.  A really good book, but the only problem is that it is the first in a trilogy.  I tend to tune everyone out in the evenings and get little work done during nap time when I am reading a good book.  So I am going to wait a week, at least, until I start the next.  Lastly, we packed up the little bbq and headed to the back bay for a dinner in the outdoors.  One of our favorite places.  So long summer days!  Wish me luck on tomorrow’s big adventure!


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