Fun and almost free


I contemplated writing this under “Fun and Free” but it isn’t exactly free.  Plus, I thought it deserved an entry all to itself.  The nail lady I went to in Germany once asked me about things to do in L.A. because they were going to take a family holiday.  I am not an “L.A. Girl”, but I venture there occasionally.  I gave her a few ideas like going to the Grove and checking out the Farmers Market there as well as walk around the outdoor mall.  From the parking structure of the Grove, you have a great view of the Hollywood sign.  Next on my list is to hike to the sign!  I also thought she could hit up the Getty or spend some time in Malibu and go to the Getty Villas.  But what I didn’t tell her, and now want to tell you is that you should go to the Hollywood Bowl!  Brian and I make it there about once a year during their Summer concert series and we always enjoy ourselves.  What you may not have known though, is that it is practically free!  I didn’t know that either.  We paid 10 bucks a ticket, but they have seats for $1!  No joke, $1 to listen to a topnotch concert at the historic Hollywood Bowl!  I am guessing you would have to get there early for those seats as they must sell out quickly.  Anyway, go there!  It was so much fun and the view was amazing.  And best of all alcoholic beverages and outside food is encouraged!

And so it was a lovely double date with Kristal and Adam.  Kristal and Adam and Brian all went to elementary school together.  Cute huh?  I met Kristal at Biola and thought I would have to befriend her because she was the new girl coming in my sophomore year and she was friends with Brian.  Little did I know that I didn’t have to, I wanted to!  Shortly after we met, Brian and I broke up and she and Adam broke up, so we got together and boy-bashed on a regular basis.  That’s what friends are for, right?  Oh the drama of young romance.  I am glad that is over.

One more thing, while I am writing about “fun and free” stuff in the wrong section.  If you are local, you should go to the Farmers Market at the O.C. Fairgrounds.  Turn your errand into an outing!  At 11 am. (every Thurs.) they have a raffle and hand out free stuff from the vendors.  I always go there right before 11, so that I don’t buy something that I might end up winning.  They also have a raffle for the kids.  And (bonus!) it is in the parking lot right in front of Centennial Farm!  Go take the kids to the farm and check out the crops and animals!  I love that place!

Look how little my Tatie was last year! Piper took this picture of us (obviously) just seconds after I realized Tatie had an amazing blowout in her pants.

Lastly, we had a great time at the Wild Animal Park last week, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.  After searching for my keys for 20 minutes, I remembered there was a spare taped to the gas tank.  Brian wasn’t thrilled that I removed it (He didn’t see the emergency in this situation), but I did and the car wouldn’t start!  I decided it wasn’t meant to be.  Then I found my keys, hanging on the key hook of all places!  Who would have thought?!  Let me just clarify that this hook is fairly new, so I forget that it’s there, and I am pretty sure that I have never hung my keys on the hook, but I have found them there in the past because someone else puts them there for me. 😉  And what do you know my keys work.  Now, instead of being upset, Brian is thanking me (not really) for figuring out that our spare key doesn’t work.

Getting fed yogurt by her big sister while playing in the water

Emily and Piper

We spent the day with Emily, her little sister, and her mama.  Liz and I worked together and our girls were born less than 3 weeks from each other!  And we have had fun getting them together ever since. 🙂


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