Dedicated to the One I Love


Love and Marriage

Brian and I have a fantastic marriage, really I am not just saying that.  He is my best friend and truly we have so much fun together.  My friend, Cheyana, jokes that Brian is half-wife.  He helps with the duties around the house.  He does dishes, laundry and he even cooks.  Don’t be jealous about this one, he even is a regular at this amazing flower shop!  And somehow, life gets the best of us and we start taking those things for granted.  We are in love, but have long since passed the phase of infatuation.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, really.  Yet, last night I was reminded just what a lucky girl I am.  We needed to talk about some things that were bothering us.  And then we kissed.  As I kissed him as tears welled in my eyes.  Isn’t this the same guy who consumed my mind just thinking about when he was going to kiss me?  I remember our first kiss, and I remember coming back to my dorm room to share the big news with my roommate.  I wrote about his “soft lips” in my journal that night and anticipated the next time he would kiss me again.  And now here we are, nearly 13 years later from that first kiss.  Sometimes it is a quick peck, a brief embrace, or an “I love you” over the phone.  That is the reality of our lives.  We are not actors in a romance film.  Everything is not always peachy keen.  But I am so blessed that this boy that I dreamed about is part of my reality.  May we not forget why we fell in love.  May those signs that let us know that he or she is “the one” be signposts on the journey of our marriage.


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  1. Thanks for making us all realize what we have and not take it for granted. Just so you know 32yrs later I still love My Husband tremendously and Still love to Kiss Him:)

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