Reason to Celebrate


I am starting to believe that 4 is the new 2.  I heard that was the case and just this past week, my dear friend just had baby number four!  Earlier this year Brian talked about talking about another baby…luckily we got a puppy which has put that on the back burner.  That and the fact that we went camping with our friends this summer (the ones who just had baby number four) and visited some other friends with a fourth on the way.  Those tiny little munchkins are not a tiny bit of work, they are A LOT of work.  And then they grow into teenagers and they’re still a lot of work!  Suddenly, the idea of even a third seems like something possibly in the distant, distant future.  And so casually last week I asked Brian, “What’s our plan?”  And I was very pleased with his answer.  He said, “I love babies.  But more than that, I love enjoying my babies.  If there are more babies for us in the future then that is great and if not, then I am having so much fun with the ones we have.”  And then he said, “Our plan is to celebrate everyday until our days are no more.”  Okay!  It sounds like a party to me, and I LOVE parties!  Brian hasn’t had a pay check in 2 1/2 months, we need new brakes on the car, I just found out my thyroid is messed up, and yet there are still so many more reasons to celebrate.  My husband has a job (and gets paid Oct.1 woohoo!).  And to be totally unbiased (or not) my kids are pretty darn awesome.  They are smart, funny, and stinkin’ cute to boot.  Oh, and next week the girls and I are headed to Indiana to visit Bettina and the kiddos, a friend I met in Germany who has since relocated.  Staying with her is better than staying at a hotel.  She has clothes for the kids, coats, shoes, and pj’s.  She bought Tatum’s special milk and stocked up on diapers at Costco.  Now tell me that isn’t better than any hotel you’ve been to.  That is going to be a whole week of celebrating.  Apparently the Barbie exhibit has been extended at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, the world’s largest children’s museum, I love Barbie!  The brakes will be taken care of soon enough, and the messed up thyroid, well, I am just happy to know what the heck has been going on.  I have too much celebrating to let those things get in the way.

The cuties at the cafe

all tatted up

Piper and I had our first slumber party which was so much fun!  My first mommy friend, Cheyana and her family are moving to Florida next week!  While that is definitely something that I am not celebrating, we are trying to enjoy every minute until then.  Her husband is away on business right now and Saturday was Chey’s birthday.  So, Piper, Rowan, Cheyana and I had a slumber party at their house on Friday.  The girls watched a princess movie and we ordered Thai food delivery.  We read books and told stories.  We woke up early, sang “Happy Birthday”, and went out to breakfast and then…and then…we all got henna tattoos!  Perhaps not the typical slumber party thing to do, but it was so fun.  I am loving it, even though my Grandpa was very disappointed that I would put such a thing on my wrist.  I put him a little at ease when I told him it is temporary.

Hair done, makeup on, oh and my new tattoo, I'm ready for a night on the town!

I'm going to miss that girl

Saturday night was Cheyana’s big birthday bash and farewell party.  It was an amazing night where we all laughed and cried over the memories we have shared together.  Cheyana was the first friend I met through Piper.  I was a new stay-at-home mom and I had a very fussy baby.  I didn’t know what to do with her.  I remember thinking, I just have to make it until noon.  Because the one thing Piper did very well was sleep.  Once I laid her down at noon she would be out until 4 o’clock and Brian would be home.  She liked baths, so I would spend a very long time in the bath with her, and at 6 weeks old I decided to sign her up for mommy and me swim!  Crazy to think of how little a 6 week old is, but I did it!  And Cheyana joined the following week with her 10 week old.  Sweet!  I wasn’t the only crazy one with a new born.  She had just moved here from Canada and we instantly connected.  I know that we will stay friends despite the fact they will be on the other side of the country, but I am going to miss watching the girls grow up together.  You’d think I’d be a pro now at saying good-byes, but I am not sure it ever becomes easy.  I know that fear can prevent us from stepping out into the unknown, but beautiful friendships often lie in the unknown.  The farewells in Germany were unbelievably hard, and saying good-bye to Cheyana will be so difficult, but it just gives me one more place on the map that I have to go visit.  And I am sure we will.  And that gives me reason to celebrate.

Our first play date


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