Feeling Crafty: Fall Foliage


In Southern California we don’t get to experience the changing of the seasons like in other parts of our country.  I have always wanted to go visit New England when all the leaves are changing colors.  Perhaps at some point I will make it there.  Maybe even Indiana has cool trees, and looks more “fall” than here.  I guess I will find out next week!  In my neighborhood it seems that people just pick whatever kind of tree they want.  One house may have pines, and another one palms and every so often you see a beautiful tree with leaves that are bright red, orange and yellow.  They all seem to flourish here, which, I guess is the beauty of this climate.  In Germany, I remember the Fall Festivals and the Apple Fests that each city seemed to hold this time of year.  The booths would be decorated with leaves and foliage from the forests.  I remember thinking, Wow, in Southern California we have to go buy these kinds of decorations at the craft store!  This morning the girls and I went on a walk and on our way home we passed by a house with a beautiful tree in the yard with those smart little leaves that know that autumn has arrived and that it is time to change colors.  I commented on the leaves and said, “let’s collect some and do an art project when we get home!”  I always have an agreeable partner when it comes to crafts.  In Germany we went out and collected fall foliage and this is what we made:  a mobile (kind of) and a bouquet.  Not overly impressive, but fun nonetheless.

And so, when we got home, I was going to go grab a vase, when I remembered I had bought some straw wreaths at a garage sale a while back.  I also found a garland of berries that Piper had taken out of the neighbors “Free” pile when they moved.  I wrapped the berries around and then started stapling the leaves on to the wreath.  We really could have used more leaves, but when we were gathering I thought we would just be tying some string onto a stick or arranging them in a vase.  Anyway, there was a bare spot on the wreath and so Piper and I went on the hunt for some fall colored ribbon.  She found the “perfect” one, glittery pink.  Not so perfect for me, and so I had the idea to make a bow out of sticks!  Piper had an even better idea, and that was pine needles.  So we went to the park across the street, collected twigs and pine needles and came back and started hot gluing them in  loops.  I held the pine needles and let her use the glue gun.  So cute!  And the buttons in the flower’s center were the finishing touch.  I love our wreath!  Not only was it a fun project just like the ones we made in the past were, but it actually looks really great too!  You should try it, really!  Go to Michael’s Craft store with the coupon that comes out every Sunday and get a wreath, or check the dollar store I hear they carry them there too.  Try spray painting leaves, gold and bronze.  Have fun with it and please, share your fall foliage projects with me too!


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