Movie Night Follow-up


Movie Night on the Lawn

Well, this weekend was our neighborhood movie night and I am here to report.  It was just perfect.  The crowd didn’t come in droves, it was more like a trickle, but it was perfect.  In all we had 8 kids, a handful of parents and 2 single women in their 50’s.  In fact, one woman is my next door neighbor and in my post Creating Community, it was exactly her that I had in mind when I said, there are people right next door and I don’t even know their names.  Now I do.  I was really touched by the excitement everyone had and the courage that took some of these people to come and sit on the lawn with a bunch of strangers. But the crowd was the perfect size for conversations to be had and for relationships to begin to bud.  One lady down the street who I had met at her garage sale months ago told me that she was praying for me and the neighbors as soon as she saw the sign go up.  I so appreciate that!  I learned that another neighbor was just diagnosed with a disease and her live-in boyfriend just left her.  Despite our proximity I had no idea of the pain she is going through right now.  I am so glad that she came and shared that with me, because now I can’t go on with just a passing wave and a smile when I see her.  I want her to know that we care, that we will pray for her, that she can come to us if she needs to.  Brian wants us to invite her over for dinner this week.  This movie night was just the beginning of our neighborhoods journey to creating a community.  I am excited to see what is in store.  I couldn’t help but feel “warm fuzzies” in my belly that night when I went to bed.

the preparations

Instead of writing a separate Feeling Crafty post, I am just going to share a lil something if that’s okay.  I was looking through some pictures with my friends from their Easter celebration and saw that the table had cute tea lights in Mason jars with a mix of colorful lentils in it.  It looked so cute that I stole the idea for Halloween!  Check out the cute candles Piper and I made to line our walk way for Halloween tomorrow night and also for our movie night!

Black and orange for Halloween!  How simple is this!  I bought popcorn in bulk at Sprouts and I already had a bag of black beans.  I save my glass jars to put left overs in, so all I had to do was soak them in warn soapy water to get the labels off.

Piper helped tie bows around the top, and that was it!  It seriously took very little time and I thought they looked really cute.  Here’s what they looked like all lit up.

Also this week we decided to be festive by having a make-your-own-monster pizza night.  I went to an eatery once that served a “torpizza” and now sometimes I use tortillas when making personal pizzas.  They are also the perfect size for a monster face :).

Greenie with a beard

And totally not related but pretty stinkin’ cute is Tatum in her new boots that a friend gave her.  Yesterday morning we went for a walk and it was pretty cold in the morning so Tatum looked adorable in her little furry zebra jacket and knee high boots and Piper decided to wear her snow suit.  All was well until the sun burned off the fog and Piper rode home in the stroller in her underwear and a t-shirt.

dressed to impress



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