Feeling Crafty: super cute garland


I am new to Pinterest, and I don’t exactly know what I am doing, but I saw this picture of this garland using strips of fabric tied to Christmas lights, and I thought, how simple and cute is that!  And then, I made one that I think is even cuter :).  I love fabric, but I hate to sew, so this was perfect for me!  I went to the fabric store (hint:  go to back where many stores sell flat folds of smaller pieces, way cheaper), found this cutest mushroom print that looked so German, I just had to buy it.  I wanted this garland to decorate for my St. Martin’s Day shindig, but I also wanted it to be up for Thanksgiving, so I was looking for fall colors without it being to “pumpkin-y”.  I took my super cute mushroom fabric, that wasn’t super cheap, to the back and found some other fabrics that coordinated that were a third of the price.

this is what I came up with, gotta have a little sparkle for fun

Then I proceeded to cut the fabric into about 1 inch strips and about 8 inches long.  I used pinking sheers to prevent fraying.  I folded the fabric before cutting to make it easier, and for less cutting.

Then, Piper and I tied on the strips to the strand of lights.  Four pieces of fabric between each light seemed to be the perfect amount.  Here is a picture of Piper tying on her strips.  I had her take a picture of me, but it didn’t actually work out very well.  Besides it being not flattering whatsoever, it was blurry.  So here is one of her and her crazy hair tying some knots.  While I wouldn’t call this flattering of her either, 4 year olds don’t seem to mind and love looking at any and all pictures of themselves…or maybe that’s just my 4 year old.

While this project was SUPER easy, it was a little time consuming.  But the finished product was worth it!  Imagine how cute this could looked wrapped around your tree!  Or around your banister, or on your porch!  I love it!

If there was a "like it" button on here, I'd totally push it.


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