Thirty-two and thankful


It is nice having my birthday so close to Thanksgiving because it puts me in a sentimental mood and has made me think of all the things I have to be grateful for.  I was trying to think of what happened while I was 31.  Nothing significant stood out this past year, but as I started thinking more and more, I came up with some.  I am grateful to have celebrated my girls’ birthday around family and not be thousands of miles away.  I am thankful for our little monster of a puppy who had a dog trainer come last week and work with us so that soon he won’t be such a monster.  Having the opportunity to go back to Germany to visit this past spring was also such a blessing and so much fun too.

As for turning 32, it is already off to a good start.  My mom and step dad are making the move from Arizona to Newport Beach.  Today is Mike’s first day of work and my mom will be here soon, very soon.  Piper and Tatum have never lived close to this set of grandparents, so it will be a first, and I am looking forward to doing crafts and having another free sitter close by.  I am also very excited about a German girl who will be living with us for 7 weeks after the new year!  I think this will be so much fun and am can’t wait to practice my German with her and bring her into our family for awhile.  So, I am welcoming this next year and hoping that I will find joy and blessings in each and every day as there is no doubt that I have many reasons to do so!

I decided to make a list of 32 things I am grateful/thankful for:

family, friends, nice weather, yard, house, two super fantastic kids, a really great hubby, staying home, a husband with lots of time off, the beach, health, love, church community, great grocery stores that I can walk to, gym, new bike, Frankie, ability to travel, internet, Brian’s job, support network, cellphone, really good Mexican food, Target, my neighborhood, Pretend City pass, awesome van, art, electricity, laughter, the rain, nature, our friend’s cabin in the mountains

Some may seem silly, but I’ve been without, so now I am that much more aware of how much I am thankful for these things!  Others, are more obvious, and even though family and Target are on the same list, I am in no way equating them except that they are both things that I am grateful for, of course, one to a much lesser degree 🙂

As for today?  I am going to the movies with my nephew who has the day off from school while my sister babysits.  Then taking a my favorite class at the gym.  And then dinner without the kids at Au Loc, a Vietnamese vegan restaurant that we really like that is owned by a Buddhist who took a vow of silence like 10 years ago.  Very interesting.  OH NO!  I just added the link to the restaurant and I saw that the restaurant is closed Mondays!  Well, dinner somewhere, not sure where it looks like.


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