Feeling Crafty: Love letters


I have this thing for letters.  Piper has quite a few P’s and Tatum has T’s and I have this R that I made that I hung about a family picture that I made for Brian for his birthday a few years ago.  I filled this Ikea frame with corks, shells, sea glass and coins from our summer travels to Italy and Croatia, and then framed a picture that we took on our anniversary.  It’s time for a new photo to go below the “R” since Biltmore is no longer with us, and Tatum and Frankie are.  I love my “R” and so recently I have been making some for gifts, letters that is, not “R”s.  This time, I figured I would take pictures along the way to show you just how simple this is to make.  First, pick out some cute paper, thin works better as it is easier to fold over the edges.  Trace and cut out the shape using scissors, or use an Exact-o knife.  Leave a little bit of extra so that you can fold down the paper over the sides.  By the way, you can pick up letters at Michael’s or Paper Source, and probably other places too, but that is where I have purchased mine.

Next, measure the width of the letter and mark it on your second sheet of scrapbook paper.  I think two different papers that coordinate look well together.  I measured the width, drew lines and cut out about three 12″ strips.

Apparently, I have used Mod Podge for the past 2o some years and just read the bottle.  This whole time I have been calling it Modge Podge.  Oh well.  Anyway, take your Mod Podge and spread it with a brush your finger over the letter before laying the paper on it, and then brush some more over the top smoothing it out and folding the edges onto the side.  Sometimes it works best to let that dry before moving on to the sides.

Using the same method, apply the strips of paper onto the sides of your letter.  If some wrinkles have appeared on the top smooth them out with some more Mod Podge.

This is my first time adding a little decoration to a letter and I thought it turned out really cute.  I used raffia to make a flower.  I was embarrassed at how my hands looked in the close up picture of me making the flower, so I will just tell you.  I have a bad habit of biting my nails.  The habit was gone for over 10 years, but started again in motherhood.  Not sure how or why.  I need a manicure.  I do really good when my nails are painted.  Anyway, I just cut three 4 inch strips of raffia and glued them with in a circle.  Then I twisted them into a figure 8 and put a dab of glue to keep them that way.  I layered the three figure 8s and used a glue gun to attach it to the “T” and accented the center with some cute buttons!  Voila!  This cute little “T” is for Talia who just turned two!  I hope she likes it as much as I do!

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