Photo booth funnies


We fondly think of the new year as a time to reflect on the past year and make resolutions and goals for the coming year.  But it also seems to mark the end of the busyness of the holidays.  Christmas was a success in my mind.  We seemed to mellow out on gifts this year compared to years past on both sides of the family which was nice; Nice for me, the one needing to find all the new clothes and toys a place in our house, and nice for the kids who are still young enough to not remember how much they got last year and make comparisons.  We stayed the night and opened gifts Christmas Eve morning with Brian’s family and then with my family on New Year’s Eve while we were all in Arizona.  I actually really liked just having our stockings to open on Christmas.  We went on a family run, Brian went surfing and I took a nap, Tatum napped as well, and Piper did her usual nap time activity and snapped a gazillion pictures of her and her new doll on the photo booth application on the computer.  Then we headed over to my sister’s for some dinner.  Low-key, yet enjoyable.

Okay, seriously, I just scared myself.  I opened photo booth and up pops me on the screen.  I have a turbie twist on my head and look absolutely dreadful with the bulge effects that was on.  I just had to take a picture, or four.  Apparently Piper figured out how to take 4 pics, I didn’t even know it had that feature.


And here are a handful of the 2+ dozen pictures that Piper took.

The "I love my new doll" expression

The serious look

The "I'm super excited" expression

Trying out a new look with puffy cheeks.

Samantha by herself without a hat

Samantha by herself with a hat

And that is what Piper does when I am napping.  There are 160 pictures on the photo booth and numbers 48-160 are pictures of Piper in the last few months since she has discovered how to use the program.  Here are just a couple more for laughs.  She cracks me up!


Now this is not at all what I intended to write about, but the idea of New Year’s resolutions just doesn’t seem appropriate after this picture.  And so, I just changed my title and will have to write about resolutions later.  I hope you find this as ridiculous as I do. 🙂


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  1. I finally got to finish looking at this…I had started the other day and got interrupted. It’s so funny! Piper is so hilarious!

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