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I am sitting in this beautiful beach house right now in Rincon, if you are a surfer you might know it and if not, then it is enough to say it is about 30 minutes south of Santa Barbara.  The sun is so warm coming through the massive glass windows and I am feeling pretty darn cozy on this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  Piper is watching T.V. right now, because hey, it’s a vacation and and we don’t have a T.V. at home, so watching a few toons is okay with me.  Tatum is napping, and Brian is trying to turn a nice golden bronze outside on a lounge chair.  No just kidding.  I think he is trying to warm up after going for a surf.  Piper and Brian went out today on a paddle board and I was so proud of my little munch for braving the water in her spring suit on this January day.  And as for me, I am just pondering my MLK Jr. 6 years ago.  What a horribly. long. draining. weekend it was.  Today marks 6 years that I said goodbye to my dad.

My insanely unique dad.  My dad and mom got married when they were 19 and 17.  My mom was a wife when she graduated high school, crazy!  Shortly after, they started a family and by 22 my mom was a mother of 3 girls in a total of 3 years and 3 months.  While I didn’t think it was weird when I was living it, I look at my life now and I think, how busy my mom must have been!  When my mom was my age, she had a 10, 11 and a 13 year old.  And though, I am sure that if you asked my mom, she would say that she would do things differently the second time around if given the chance,  I am so glad things turned out the way they did.  Two weeks after my dad’s 50th birthday he left this earth.  He was so young to have his life taken.  But in that short time, he lived a full life.  His girls were grown, and even got to know three of his grandchildren.  And while he never met my children, he was able to walk me down the aisle which was the one thing I remember journaling about after his diagnosis with cancer when I was in high school. 

I think about my dad often, and while it is easy to think about how much he has missed, today I am thinking about all the memories we have shared and thinking how lucky I was to have had my dad in my life for 26 years.


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