Crazy days and lazy days


I love when things just work out.  Last night was one of those spur of the moment dinner with friends that was just what I had needed.  The grandparents were coming over, and though I had intended to hang out with them, Brian said we should take advantage of the free childcare and see if our married without children friends were free.  They actually had dinner plans with some of our other friends which we hadn’t seen in forever, so we crashed their dinner plans and had a blast!  And Adam, who is not really the warm fuzzy “I love kids” kind of guy, but some how is still very wise when it comes to parenting, warned us that we had better be careful with Piper.  Adam reminded me that I had commented at one time that I would be sad if Piper ever tatted herself up and died her hair and had a mohawk.  I have nothing against those punk rockers out there, but if it were my own child, I guess I would feel that she was so beautiful and yet, she was covering her beauty in all of these piercings, ink and hair dye.  The captain of the cheer squad sounds more appealing that a punk daughter.  Adam had seen the post about Piper taking pictures of herself, and figures that if she is so independent as a 4-year-old, what will she be like in a decade?

Well, the good news, Piper is very much a rule follower.  I went on a run last week while she rode her bike and about a mile from our house she realized that she forgot her helmet (and so did I, forgot that is, I don’t wear a helmet when I run).  She would not ride her bike home.  She walked her bike all the way home!  She complained that she was tired and that her arms were tired of carrying her bike, yet she would not ride it.  I said that it was okay because she was with her mommy, but no.  She absolutely would not.  I don’t see punk rockers as big time rule followers, so I told Adam, I might be okay.  Piper, might be a teacher’s pet instead.

But that was yesterday.  Today, Piper dressed herself and wanted to surprise me.  She came out in a very colorful and layered outfit and then she went back to the room, came out again, and this time she had her “ears peered”.  She put flower stickers on her ears and one above her lip.  I asked why she had one on her lip and she said very matter of fact-ly that it was a lip ring.  Okay then!  My 4-year-old is pretending to have a lip ring, and to top it off, her black and fuchsia plaid skirt and dark purple nail polish flash forwarded me 10 years and I thought, OMG Adam’s right!

Sometimes I feel like she’s fourteen, and other times she seems four.  And I am trying to just cherish those moments as a four-year-old because next month she will be 5 and when I blink again, she will be a teenager.  Today was a rainy day where I just got to enjoy the fact that we didn’t have anywhere to go and we got to just be home.  After the lip ring came off and the kids were beginning to itch to go outside, we pulled on the rain and snow gear and headed outside.  I really didn’t feel like it, and at first I told them I would watch from the doorway.  But then, I guess, I wanted to join in the fun and I made my way outside too.  We saw some super long worms and I told Piper that when I was little, my sisters and I would go out after the rain and collect worms.  Then, of course, she wanted to do that too.  I was really disgusted by them at first, but I had to remind myself that this what four-year-olds like to do, and she won’t want to when she is fourteen, so what the heck.  The slimy little suckers ended up offering more entertainment than the puddle jumping.

getting bundled is half the fun

Tatum spotted a worm!

totally gross, I know

Here is a little video that isn’t the best quality, but I love Tatum’s little feet as she marches in the puddle and her cute little laugh that follows.

<img src=”” height=”108″ width=”144″ />
From raining day

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