Second Child Episode


I am calling this an episode, not a syndrome, because I try and be VERY aware and not let the “happenings” of Tatum become routine.  But sometimes we have episodes and last night was one.  Last night it was time for bed and we just couldn’t seem to find the pacifier.  Both of my girls were very attached and this would be Tatum’s first night without it.  When Piper gave up her pacifier it was very planned.  A letter came in the mail telling Piper that her “papi” went to a new baby.  We took her to the mall to buy any toy she wanted.  Seriously, I was going to buy her this wooden scooter, but no, she picked out a popper.  Do you know what a popper is?  One of those bowl-shaped little pieces of silicon or plastic that is not much bigger than a quarter.  You flip it inside-out and it flies up.  Yep, that’s what she picked out.  Oh, and a balloon, not even blown up. I couldn’t handle that those were the things she wanted so, I picked out a new outfit for her doll too.  Believe it or not, we still have the popper.  It made the move from Germany back to the U.S.  Why is it that you don’t lose the things that aren’t important, but then game pieces and doll shoes get lost all the time!

With Tatum there was no preparation, just a lack of backup pacifiers which is mom and dad’s fault.  But she did it and we were so proud of her!  She woke up at 6:45 this morning, earlier than usual and I whisked her out of the house with me before she could wake up her sister.  I took her to Target to buy her a present, and low and behold it was closed.  Not surprising, but for some reason, 7 am didn’t seem like an unreasonable time for Target to open, but it opens at 8.  How quickly I can get accustomed to the hours of stores here in America!  After living in Germany where stores are closed on Sundays and open late and close early, I began to think of how ridiculous it was that stores were open so long here!  Who needs to go grocery shopping at 1am?  And now look at me, hitting up Target at 7!  Of course, we found the papi, actually we found three last night, after she already had cried herself to sleep, and so we are sticking with it and she is sleeping now (after 30 min. of crying, but I expect it will be less tonight).  Maybe when she wakes up we will have to try Target, again. 🙂

I’ve always thought my girls looked like Maggie Simpson with their Soothie pacifiers.  Don’t you think?


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