Cupcakes and Cap guns


I am now the parent of a five year old and it just doesn’t feel right.  I can remember having a small baby and meeting women with “older” children, you know like 4 and 5 year-olds and thinking that that phase seemed so far away from where I was.  And now, I am there.  Now my baby isn’t a baby.  She loves the movie Soul Surfer, American Girl dolls and books, and Taylor Swift.  We have definitely transitioned at some point to “big girl” interests.  I love watching her grow and mature, but I just wish it weren’t so fast!  The morning of her birthday, I thought to myself, she is never ever ever going to be four again.  Duh.  Right?  But somehow it still is mind boggling.

I was so unprepared this year!  I didn’t even get her a present!  She really wants the American Girl doll, Julie, and so I made a card before Brian got home and taped $20 in the inside.  I told her they were DOLLars and that she is going to be getting other money for her birthday and that we will take her to the American Girl store to pick out a doll.  I hope this doesn’t get “Bad Mom” Award.  With our exchange student here, and Brian off the week before Piper’s birthday, it just arrived too quickly!  Monday morning, I woke up before her and made an attempt at a special birthday message.  I spelled out “Happy Birthday Pi” on the carpet using flashcards.  Cheesy maybe, but she’s five and thought it was great.  And I will even admit something else…my sister gave me a bag of hand-me-downs that day from someone and I wrapped up a pair of used pajamas.  That sounds so bad doesn’t it?  I just thought maybe she wanted something to open.  She had a gift from my grandma and one from Ina, but they were cute and so I wrapped them up and gave them to her.  Go ahead and judge, it sounds really bad I know.

Piper's last minute birthday message. She is wearing Tatum's pj's, by the way, I am not that bad of a mom who doesn't buy her kids pajamas, it is just a new phase she is in.


On Sunday, while I was watching the Oscars with Tatum, Brian took Piper out to see a play at the Laguna Playhouse for her birthday.  This is what she wore.

Brian lets her pick out her own clothes and since he doesn’t care and since I don’t have to be walking into the theater with them, I let her do it.  She has two massive flower hair clips sitting on top of her head.  Nice.  She has been known to wear pajamas to school performances at Brian’s work.  This next little get up is from a daddy date night last year.  Always very interesting. 

My five year-old is one-of-a-kind and I love her!  Here’s the lowdown on how we celebrated.  I asked her if she wanted to eat breakfast at home or go out to breakfast.  We rarely go out to breakfast, and so I thought it would be a special birthday treat, especially considering we weren’t going to be going out to dinner.  She sang, “It’s my birthday so I get to choose!  Home!  Home!  Home!”  She is such a homebody.  And so her birthday breakfast of choice was the same thing she has almost everyday.  A bowl of plain yogurt, muesli and granola, and honey drizzled on top.  Just like every other day.  Her Aunt Stacy took her to get a cupcake at 10 in the morning and then my mom brought cupcakes to the park after soccer practice to share with our friends.  And my friend showed up with cupcakes too.  Once a year, I guess it’s okay to have multiple cupcakes in the same hour (she has more self control than some of us.  She picked one mini cupcake since she had already eaten one).  She got a cap gun and a Barbie from two different friends, which pretty much describes her eclectic personality.  I should have got a picture of her shooting her “capital gun” donning her tiara, that would have been a good one.  The afternoon was rainy and after I bundled the girls up in their rain gear we headed to Pearson’s Port (click here to read the post on Pearson’s Port) to pick out a fish for dinner.  Ruby’s Diner is her favorite, but since we were going their the day after her birthday with family, we decided to make a special dinner for her at home.  She wanted fish and when we went to pick it out she said, “I want to get one that has skin and eyeballs.”  She is so not like me when it comes to that!  I have to eat animals that do not look anything like the real thing.  Give me a boneless skinless chicken breast please!

Tatum and Talia wearing their soccer shirts, hilarious. I should have gotten one because I kick the ball more than she does.

Say "hello" to dinner! (I didn't eat it)

super cool birthday card


And so, even though I didn’t have anything planned ahead of time for her birthday, things worked out just perfectly and we truly got to celebrate our special girl.  Happy birthday to my very special Piper Lee.  I love you more than you will ever know.



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