Feeling Crafty, Finally!



It has been awhile since I included a “feeling crafty” into my blog.  Finally, I have something to share!  So, a while back we moved our bedroom into the playroom.  We really only have a two bedroom house, but their is this third, kinda weird room off of the kitchen that we made into the playroom.  It is long and narrow with a slanted ceiling (definitely an add-on) and it has doors on three of the four walls, one to the garage, one to outside and then of course, one to the rest of the house.  We wanted to open our home up to this girl, Ina, from Germany, who was looking for a family to stay with as she was doing an intercultural exchange for her Masters.  We ended up giving her our room, since it was closer to the bathroom and we took the playroom.  So, my project was to make this playroom MINE!  I didn’t want it to feel ugly, or like we were sleeping in a funky add-on space (which we were) and I have always felt, since we have been married that I put my emphasis on all the other rooms and never our room.  While the room is far from finished, I have started by making some no-sew curtains!  There are so many windows in the room and the one behind the bed in particular was a challenge because the roof is slanted and there wasn’t enough room to hang a rod between the ceiling and window.  So instead I just made curtains!  I LOVE fabric and I love going to the fabric store and seeing all the cute stuff, but I don’t sew.  I usually buy material and ask my mom to make something or I use the fabric as a table cloth or basically anything that doesn’t require work.  This time, I spent some time collecting fabric for free.  My mom had some, my neighbor who was moving gave me some old curtains.  I got a swaddling blanket for free at a garage sale, I used some pants that I was going to put in the good will back and I tore them all into strips, tied them together, and knotted them onto a wooden dowel.  I did go to the fabric store and buy a few fabrics to tie in the colors I had collected.  I also picked up some burlap to include.  I call this my Anthropologie-inspired wall of rags :).  I definitely spent less that $20 on this!  I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am liking it!  Now I want to get some fun pillows to toss on the bed!  I apologize for the crummy pictures.  I took a bunch on my hubby’s iphone and when I sent them to my email most of them were too grainy or blurry.  Maybe when I do my next project to the room I will have some better pictures of my homemade no-sew curtains. 🙂



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  1. Supper cool! I totally could have used you a few months ago when I finally decided to figure out how to hang curtains with no rod or place for a rod. I should’ve known.

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