It takes a village


Sometimes things don’t go as expected.  Sometimes life throws a curveball.  I thought I was opening up my house to a German woman and I thought, that we would have BBQs and take her to the beach and go to Hollywood.  While we have had the chance to go on some outings, what I didn’t expect was that we would be experiencing tragedy together.  I didn’t expect to be sitting here in a hospital.  I didn’t expect to be in the room to hear the doctor tell her that her baby had no heartbeat.  I didn’t expect to go through the loss of a pregnancy, the loss of a life, at 17 weeks with her.  But I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe in fate, or divine opportunity, or whatever you want to call it, and so I am sitting here, knowing that I can question why this would happen or just trust that it happened for a reason.  My heart hurts for Ina, and I want to be the support that she needs, but know that I am just someone she has known briefly.  I cannot replace her husband, or her mother or her best friend.  Even so, I have seen people share their sympathies with a woman they barely know.  I am so grateful for the friends and family who have watched the girls while I have been going to and from appointments, to those who have brought meals, and for the numerous phone calls, texts, cards they have shared expressing their sincere concern.  I realize that while I am being challenged to be a friend in the tough times and not just the fun times, I am also seeing many do the same for me.  I am experiencing the support of the village that is surrounding my family and me.  Thank you!  And to Ina, you are one tough cookie going through this with your “village” thousands of miles away.


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  1. Oh my gosh Brooke! What a tragic loss! Ina is lucky to have you. Even though I’m sure she doesn’t realize it now.
    I will pray for her.


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