Our family car growing up, nothin' like a massive 2-door Buick Le Sabre for a family of 5.

This post is for all you people out there who can appreciate the 80’s…

Remember when most folks drove around in American cars?

Remember when families owned station wagons before the minivan?

Remember when you used to go the video store and rent a VHS and a VCR?

Remember when your telephone had a cord?

Remember when people owned answering machines?

Remember when you actually used the yellow pages to find a dentist or a plumber?

Remember  looking up a friend’s phone number in the white pages?

Remember the aluminum ashtrays on the tables of fast food joints?

Remember when home was the place to be on a Friday night because of ABC’s TGIF?

Remember when gas stations had full and self-service?

Remember when a picture of a quilted blanket came to mind when you heard the word afghan?

Remember the first time you saw someone’s home computer?

Remember when every household had an easily accessible calculator or adding machine?

Remember when dogs used to be animals that hung out in your backyard and did not wear clothing or have designer beds?

Remember when it was stylish to wear puffy paint on clothing?

Remember when birthday parties were held at McDonald’s?

Remember when you would check the pay phones for change and scored some every once in awhile because people actually used them?

Remember when you couldn’t live without the Thomas Guide?

Recently I went to the grocery store and bought a loaf of bread that cost $5.49!  I thought to myself, since when did a loaf of bread cost more than $5?  And then I couldn’t help remembering when I started driving and gas prices were dropping and they actually went below $1!  I am pretty sure those days won’t be back.  Anyway bread prices led to gas prices, which of course, led to thinking about puffy paint and calculators!  Oh how the brain works!  Though my childhood doesn’t seem that long ago, some much has changed!  What do you remember?

Please add more in the comments!  Let’s reminisce together!



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