No blue skies


Quickly, I just wanted to share a few pictures from my sister’s shower.  And seeing that it was a shower, I guess it only made sense that it literally was showering the whole time.  The color theme was grey and yellow and the morning of, my sister texted me that she had nothing to wear.  And so, I had this dress in my closet that I picked up at a garage sale a while back for maybe $2 at the most and it looked totally cute on her and her belly.  My mom seemed to find some coordinating clothes as well, and me…not so much.

Big brother and sister

Not everyone would have enough tea cups and saucers for 30+ guests, but for some reason my mom does.  She made little desserts and served them in the tea cups.  My sister Tamara, who lives in Arizona made the diaper cake for a shower she threw her last month.  So, we used it again this time around!

chicken salad sandwiches, quiche, fruit skewers and salad

Everyone got a succulent to take home.

the decorations

A few sheets of scrapbook paper goes a long way!  I picked up some cute paper at the scrapbook store, made some flags and paper roses, and ta-dah, you have some color coordinating decorations!  And to my surprise, I lucked out at the dollar spot at Target and picked up grey and yellow thank you notes that everyone addressed when they arrived and we later picked a winner.  And also grey and yellow pencils that we used for the games.

This sign was my little creation using some newspaper, twine and some strips of fabric for the sun.  I figured it would match the shower and I could find a home for it afterward, maybe in my girls’ room.

newspaper and tissue pom poms

How cute is this tree?  My cousin had it for her center piece at her wedding a couple of years ago.  My sister switched out the flowers and painted the pot.  Each guest wore an old fashioned clothes pin with her name on it.  Cute huh?  One of the games that we never got around to was going to be for everyone to draw a baby with their opposite hand.  They would hang their paper from a line with their clothespin (name backward) and my sister would pick the winner.  So the clothespins were supposed to have two purposes…next time.


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