Oh Happy Day


Easter was truly amazing this year.  Francis Chan spoke at the Pacific Amphitheater and my aunt, uncle, cousins, sister, niece, nephew, parents, in-laws, ex-in-laws and foreign house guests all came along!  And what a joyous day it was.  Last year, the message was super powerful and we watched hundreds of people go down and get baptized right there on stage.  Some who were planning on it and others who went down and got baptized in their Easter best!  And so this year, we hosted Easter and invited the family to join us for Easter service.  Francis Chan said, “some of you don’t know it, but in just a few minutes, you are going to be down here getting baptized”.  He talked about the old self dying and being made new in Christ.  He gave an fitting illustration of how it is the work of the spirit and not his words.  And while I just sat there and listened something was going on in the minds and hearts of those around me.  He called people down to come repent, and be baptized.  And at that moment, my sister’s ex-husband, hopped out of his seat and went down to be baptized. It was truly a celebration as we sang and worshiped and applauded all those that were being baptized.  I went down to take some pictures along with my mom and when we came back, my step-dad told my mom, “you’re mom went down there!”  And so back down the steps we went to witness my grandma be baptized.  Seventy-five years old and dressed up for Easter, she took the plunge into new life.  I asked her if she wanted a black t-shirt and she said her dress was wash n’ wear.  She hung out at our house and enjoyed lunch and watched the kids do the egg hunt and never fixed her hair or changed her clothes!  That really is so unlike my grandma, she is always reapplying her Wet n’ Wild lipliner.  What a joyous occasion and such a memorable Easter!  I love my grandma and even though I am one of her 57 or so grandchildren (including great grandchildren), she always makes me feel special and even the fact that she came out from Arizona to celebrate with us meant so much.  I have so many special memories with her, but this definitely is the cherry on top!



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  1. Such a cause for celebration…rejoicing with you and our entire family. I sure love my mom and am so blessed to call her mother! This news just made my Easter and I shared it with all of our friends and family at our celebration. Love you Brooke ❤ Susie

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