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Same but different


The DVD player on my computer hasn’t been working for about a month now and I knew it had something to do with Miss Tatum.  I went to put in this CD from my neighbor and it was sliding in but the computer was not grabbing it like it usually does.  I didn’t know that multiple discs would even fit because I have tried to put a disc in when it was full and it just won’t take it.  But somehow I figured that my 2 year old found a way around it.

Finally, we made it to the Apple store, spoke with a Genius.  I swear those people seriously are geniuses and I think out of the 20+ employees there on a Saturday there was maybe 1 over the age of 30.  The genius asked me if I was sure there was a disc in there.  And I replied, “I am sure there is at least one disc in there”.  Then she asked if I cared more about getting the discs out or having a CD/DVD player that works.  Well, I could care less about Strawberry Shortcake to be honest, and so I said, I just want the thing working.  It seemed that I needed a new drive and that was going to cost us $151.  Yikes!  And so then I said, “can we just try to get the discs out then?”  She took the computer and took it behind closed doors and when she returned this is what she found.

The CD I put in there and a piece of cardboard torn off from a spool of ribbon!  I guess to a two year old the only logical place for this circular piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle is the computer.  It’s the same…only different.  And thanks to the genius who got it out, my computer is working fine now.  No need to replace the drive.  It was that silly piece of cardboard that was making it not work!

And so I asked Tatum if she put that in the computer and she took it from me, went over to the ipad she was playing with and tried to find a spot to put her cardboard “CD”.

the culprit


What if


Early this morning, 2:04 to be exact I was woken up by a very strange dream.  I’ve never experienced a dream come true, nor have I had a strong premonition about something.  Thankfully, considering that public nudity has been a recurring theme in my dreams over the years.  I have shown up to work without a top on and forgotten clothes altogether in other dreams.  Then there were times I wished my dreams did come true.  I remember in high school I dreamt that I won a classic car from a radio station.  That was such a disappointing dream to wake up from.  Bummer!

Anyway, last night I woke up from this very strange dream that Jesus came back.  It involved the President, some famous folks and some celestial beings.  If I go into too much detail, it won’t make sense because dreams never do.  Somehow I was the lucky one to have the event take place in my living room.  Not really mine, because dreams are never like that.  It was an unfamiliar house, but I was there.  I called my family and told them that Jesus was at my house!  My cousin Summer said, “Are you joking?  Because last time you told us that Tamara and I looked everywhere for him, even in the shower.” (that part is funny to me, apparently this was a claim I made more than once).  He and this random group of people, who were his disciples put on this reader’s theater show for my family and President Obama.  There was someone tall standing in front of me, so I decided to watch it on my laptop.  I looked it up and started watching it, and after a few minutes it shut off of my computer .  I kept trying to type it in the computer again, but the keys were not typing the right letters.  So, I decided to stand up and watch it live (duh, right?  since they were only 5 feet away from me).  When  I stood up Jesus was no longer among the other folks and the guy next to him was pointing at something behind us with a look of total astonishment on his face.  We turned to look, and above the fireplace was a crucifix and the Jesus on it was gone.  It was only a cross.  Next to the fireplace was a t.v. that was turned off.  Yet, an image of the face of Jesus (and he didn’t look anything like the images I have seen) appeared with a flag of all the nations and clouds filled the screen, dimly at first and then brighter and brighter until the television was on.

Strange.  Very strange.  And no, I am not trying to make a claim that it is a “sign”, but it did make me think.  I do believe in this guy named Jesus who claimed to be God.  I do believe that there is a place beyond here called heaven.  And then I thought, what if I am wrong?  What if it’s true that all roads lead to Rome and that every Muslim, Christian, Jew, Mormon, etc. will dwell together in eternity?  What if it is true that there is no such thing as life after death?  What if the grave is our final resting place?  What if this is as good as it gets?  And out of all of those choices I figured there is no harm in having faith.  Is the atheist better off than the Christian at the end of life even if the atheist is “right”?  Not at all.  And so I say I have faith and I believe in these things that are unseen.  I believe that there is a God and that He walked this earth as a man, named Jesus.  And if it sounds as crazy to some, just as reincarnation sounds to me, it doesn’t matter.  Because I have decided that out of all of the “what ifs” out there, that is the one that I want to put my beliefs in.



It’s been awhile since I’ve written and that’s because two weekends in a row I had little getaways without the kids and without the computer.  Much needed!  For Mother’s day my aunt, cousin, mom, and sister (and my brand new niece) all hit the road headed to Arizona.  We stayed at a hotel for 2 nights with my aunts, grandma, sister and cousins that live out there.  It was so fun and relaxing!  It was Brian’s first time watching the girls alone overnight.  I wasn’t worried and, of course, I had nothing to worry about.  However, when I put the girls to bed on Friday night they were disaster.  Tatum started crying because Piper was crying and it actually sounded like there were a lot more than two kids in that room, according to my sister, it sounded like a symphony coming out of their room.  Piper was crying, “I love you!  I miss you already.  I miss you already, Mommy!”  But like I said, I knew they would be fine, and they were.  They woke up and had big plans for the weekend.  The did a service project at Brian’s school Saturday morning, and headed to Frogg’s Bounce House in the afternoon (one of two requests Piper had for the weekend).  They spend the afternoon with Brian’s parents on Mother’s day (and made me a really cool banner with their foot and hand prints).  And on Monday, they were babysat by their favorite sitter, Erika!  Piper’s weekend requests were Frogg’s bounce house and sushi and so for dinner on Monday, Brian took the girls out for sushi.  Lucky girls!

I don’t know why it took me 5+ years to getaway!

my welcome home banner

If that wasn’t enough, Brian scored a beach cottage at Crystal Cove this past weekend.  We had been wanting to get away without the girls, again it would be a first…kind of.  They have spent the night with the grandparents for one night a couple of times, but we were always at home.  So for $33/night we got a room at Crystal Cove in a dorm-style cottage for two nights!  That’s the way to go!  So inexpensive, and it felt kind of European.  The only times I have ever stayed in a hostel were in Europe and New Zealand.  Some of our dorm mates were from Belgium which added to the euro feel.  Really we spent so little time in the room that it didn’t matter.  We went on long walks, ate at nice restaurants and watched the sunsets.  The real treat was going out to breakfast because we never get a sitter and go out for breakfast.

As I was packing the girls up, not that excited that the timing was two weekends in a row, I felt like I just left them (because I did).  Anyway, I asked Piper if she was sad that we were going.  She said, “No!  I’m only sad when you leave me, not when I leave you!”  She was very excited to spend the weekend with my Aunt Michelle and her family.  My 10 year old cousin Delaney changed Tatum’s diapers, did the girls’ hair and got them dressed in the morning.  My aunt went through the whole weekend and never changed a poopie diaper!

We picked up the girls excited to seem them and truly feeling rejuvenated.  Not ready to do it again this weekend, but it definitely was nice.   Sunday night, unfortunately was a rude awakening to our reality.  Tatum woke up in the middle of the night asking for water.  Then a few hours later, Piper came in our room complaining of a stuffy nose.  After Brian sent her back to bed she started pouting which woke up Tatum.  Finally, they fell asleep, but then Brian had to move Frankie out of his crate in our room because he was snoring too loud.  That’s our life right now, and for a moment, just a moment, I remembered what it was like before all of our crazy sleepless nights and it was good :).  (and two little girls, even when they wake up in the middle of the night, are great)

hodge podge


Here is a hodge-podge blog about things I wanted to share.

A few more memories from the 80’s…

remember Casio watches with calculators on them?

the smell of the purple ink when the teacher would pass out copies fresh off of the ditto machine?

Oregon Trail?  And remember going to the computer lab before there was such thing as internet?

Kissing Koolers and the giant Bonne Bell chapsticks?

Just wanted to share with you this cool video from our Easter celebration at the OC fairgrounds.  It was really incredible.

<iframe src=”; width=”400″ height=”300″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>

And also check out this video and the blog, Kisses from Katie, about a young girl who is truly making a difference in Africa.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

And lastly, some new words Piper has added to her vocabulary and also some of the funny things she says:

-No offense


-Majority rules, although sometimes she says majenity rules

-Me:  This is so good.  Piper:  I know, to die for.

-They’re okay, they’re extremely okay.

-It was ridic”lee”ous!

-Mom, that outfit looks hideous.

-Wow, that’s amazing!  Impressive!

-Piper:  Does this have to do with your assignment?  Tatum: Yea.

Quite the smorgasbord of topics in this post, wouldn’t you say?  I really just wanted to use the word smorgasbord.  😉