Same but different


The DVD player on my computer hasn’t been working for about a month now and I knew it had something to do with Miss Tatum.  I went to put in this CD from my neighbor and it was sliding in but the computer was not grabbing it like it usually does.  I didn’t know that multiple discs would even fit because I have tried to put a disc in when it was full and it just won’t take it.  But somehow I figured that my 2 year old found a way around it.

Finally, we made it to the Apple store, spoke with a Genius.  I swear those people seriously are geniuses and I think out of the 20+ employees there on a Saturday there was maybe 1 over the age of 30.  The genius asked me if I was sure there was a disc in there.  And I replied, “I am sure there is at least one disc in there”.  Then she asked if I cared more about getting the discs out or having a CD/DVD player that works.  Well, I could care less about Strawberry Shortcake to be honest, and so I said, I just want the thing working.  It seemed that I needed a new drive and that was going to cost us $151.  Yikes!  And so then I said, “can we just try to get the discs out then?”  She took the computer and took it behind closed doors and when she returned this is what she found.

The CD I put in there and a piece of cardboard torn off from a spool of ribbon!  I guess to a two year old the only logical place for this circular piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle is the computer.  It’s the same…only different.  And thanks to the genius who got it out, my computer is working fine now.  No need to replace the drive.  It was that silly piece of cardboard that was making it not work!

And so I asked Tatum if she put that in the computer and she took it from me, went over to the ipad she was playing with and tried to find a spot to put her cardboard “CD”.

the culprit


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