Feeling Crafty: Fabric Fun


The girls got a new trundle bed a couple months ago and with it they got some new bedding.  While I loved the old bedding, I was kind of ready for a change.  It had been in Piper’s room since she was born and I wanted something with more color.  I got inspired one day when I saw this cute quilt at TJ Maxx for $30.  I bought it and the transformation began.  I wanted to tie in the blue that was in the quilt and the sheets, but nothing else in their room was blue.  So, I had a plan to go to the fabric store, get some cute fabric in blue tones and tie them around a wreath of some kind.  I’ve mentioned that I love fabric, but not sewing, so this was my kind of project.  I was at Michael’s one day and they had this big round wreath-like thing in the clearance.  When I went to check the price the lady said 39cents!  Sweet, I’ll take it!

fabric tied wreath

I got a quarter of a yard of 4 different fabrics and started tying strips of fabric onto the circle (Jenny’s Fabrics in Fountain Valley has lots of fabric at the back of the store for really great prices).  I would go slightly bigger if I were to do it again, so that the ties were a bit longer, but oh well.  With some of the leftover fabric I made a bow and ta-dah!  It was finished!  Well, almost.  It’s hanging in their room, but I want to hang something from the bow down to the middle.  I haven’t decided what yet, a small picture frame, wooden letters of their initials, cute felt flowers, something like that.

fabric wreath

I really am missing my camera.  I don’t have a fancy one or anything like that, but I lost the charger and have been taking pictures with the phone and/or computer.  So, sorry for the poor quality.

If you are in the area this weekend, check out the “fun and free”.   This weekend there is a fun story time and magic show at a Starbucks in Fountain Valley and a Hurley sample sale in Costa Mesa.


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  1. Hi Brooke – I really enjoy all your stories. Just to let you know, my cousin needed a camera charger and we went to Goodwill. They had a box (in the back)that was filled with chargers and we found the one we needed for under a dollar! Hi to Brian and your beautiful daughters.

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