soaking it up


Tonight we enjoyed a taste of summer before it has officially started.  Two more weeks of work for my hubby, but the free movies on the beach kicked off Memorial Day weekend at Newport Dunes, which is a reminder that summer is almost here!  And while the weather has been pretty awesome lately, and I have found myself soaking up some sun, tonight I was soaking up precious moments with my two year old.  I have currently been given two challenges in life, and they happen to be called Piper and Tatum.  I struggle with Piper’s attitude and I struggle with Tatum’s nonchalant attitude toward discipline and consequences.  I knew I wouldn’t be given perfect children, but I wasn’t fully aware that I would be given children who were designed to stretch and grow me.  I kind of thought it was just the other way around.

I am aware now more than ever about how quickly time flies.  I am sure that as I sit holding my grandchildren one day that I will be even more aware.  And while we know that, it is not always easy to recognize it in the moment, especially when your two year old is showing her “terrible” side.  But tonight I was laying on a sheet in the sand watching Rio with my head on Brian’s legs and snuggling with Piper when Tatum said, “my mommy”.  She came laid on me, belly to belly, looking absolutely precious with the campfire making her face glow and her cute little blonde hairs sticking out of her hoodie.  Her eyes looked so big and she gave me kisses of all kinds, Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses and real kisses too.  I wished I could take a picture of her, but it was more than a moment that I wanted to capture.  I took a picture in my mind.  That is what Brian always says.  And the picture in my memory has so much emotion, so much love attached to the face that I saw smiling at me and I don’t think I could forget it.  And then she fell asleep.  She couldn’t have been that comfortable.  I wasn’t that comfortable, but I didn’t dare move, because it isn’t very often that I get to hold my sleeping baby.

It is moments like these that make it all worthwhile.


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