Yesterday was the official kick-off to summer for the Ristows!  And today we are headed to the beach for some sand, sun and s’mores.  Having the mister home means forgotten jobs finally get done around the house.  It means that we can go out to breakfast instead of dinner.  It means I can leave the house during nap time.  It means family movie nights and walks to get frozen yogurt.  It means sending the kids to bed when it isn’t quite dark and taking trips in the eurovan.  It means eating dinner outside and setting up the kiddie pool.  It also means I don’t see my friends as often, sharing our one car and it means dreading “back to school”.  September is always a tough month as I try to re-establish my routine without the help of my hubby.  This year it also means I have kindergartener and all the responsibility that comes with that!  That may sound silly, but until now we have been able to go anywhere we want whenever we want.  This is definitely the end of chapter for me and I’m a bit emotional about it.


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