Creative Juices


I LOVE summer!  I love that the sun sets late even if means the kids aren’t in bed exactly on time.  I love that the agenda is open and when we do have something to do it is fun.  I love that my kids get to play without being shuttled to and fro.  I have memories of being a kid and just playing until it was dark and that’s what I have been enjoying about our summer so far.  I feel like the creative juices are flowing and the kids are loving it!

First off, we finished the fort with the “lower level” now covered in pavers.

The neighbors came over and we did some science experiments in the fort. Why not right?

The Ristow All-girl Academy is now open for business!

making “elephant toothpaste”

What started out as a morning of discovering some very moldy corn bread in the microwave turned into an opportunity to do some experimenting!  Because everything is more fun when you are holding a magnifying glass!

On another note, our neighbor decided to start a “summer camp” called Little Rascals at the park across the street.  I would have totally done that at 14.  So, because I would have been that kid, you better believe I participated.  And now my kids are the only ones. 🙂

the gang

You can’t beat it, she charges 5 bucks a kid for 4 hours!  She plans different themes and the kids think they’re going off to camp!  I love it, she’s a little entrepreneur.

And then this past weekend, Piper and our neighbor Noah planned a Splash Bash.  Check out these signs!

Now seriously, doesn’t that just make you want to come to the Splash Bash?

Noah came out our house at 6:45, left a note saying, “Piper, iv been heer come and get me at my house do NOT ring the door bell. Nock.”  The note pretty much could have said anything since Piper can’t exactly read.  But at 7:30 she woke up jumped out of bed and said, “I need to go see if there’s a note from Noah!” and they started setting up for the “event of the summer”.

I was supposed to drive around the neighborhood inviting people.  I was told to ask them, “Do you have kids?  How old are they?  Bring them to the Splash Bash!”  But instead, I opted for making a few phone calls and inviting some neighbors I actually knew.

And lastly, Piper and I went ding-dong-donuting.  I heard about this from someone else, and I loved the idea!  We bought some donuts and decorated the box.  I wanted to get a balloon and tie it to the box, but for some reason, Piper didn’t want to.  And then we dropped them off at our friends house, rang the door bell and tried to escape unseen.  Key word, tried.  But getting caught was half the fun.

I just love summer!  Doesn’t it seem like it allows for opportunities to do do the creative things there is no time for during the year?  I am seriously dreading the end already.  We leave for our trip next week and I feel like when I return summer is over.  And now this year, unlike every other year in the past, I have a kindergartner!  How did this happen!?

What have you been busy doing this summer?

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  1. I know this is your blog but I thought I’d answer your question “How did it happen that you have a kindergartner this year?”. Well probably the same way that I am reading the blog of my 32 year old daughter, talking about her family and children. Then you shed a tear and realize this is the cycle of life. I am a little further ahead on the cycling path. Love mom

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