There is so much to tell you!  I have been lagging on the blog lately, my apologies.  Things are busy this time of year and since no one is paying me to keep this up, I guess it gets put on the back burner sometimes.  We went up to Big Bear for Thanksgiving and also celebrated my 33rd birthday up there.  Yikes!  I don’t like getting old.  I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s, but I wouldn’t mind looking the way I did 15 years ago and having the responsibilities I had back then either.  The Sunday after Thanksgiving I did my first craft fair!  Patchwork Indie and Arts festival is amazing.  I have attended a few of them, and finally I decided I should try selling my deodorant.  Now for all of you pinterest-loving granolas out there, you might be saying, I’ve been making my own deodorant for years.  Great!  Yes, you can find lots of different recipes for homemade deodorant online.  I started making my product and selling it a few months ago to those out there who have heard the concerns about the aluminum in deodorant possibly being linked to Alzheimer’s have always wanted to try and make your own deodorant, but really never have the time, so you just grab Secret when you are out and about at Target.  It is also for those people who are just interested in trying something new, since it doesn’t cost you a pretty penny, and would never make your own deodorant.  That would be way to Little House on the Prairie for you.  And the price?  Well, for the size and how long it lasts it is comparable to what you would spend in the store.  I wanted to make it that way so that people wouldn’t find it difficult to make the switch.

That’s how this started, and then came natural sunscreen, and now I have my etsy shop and I can put whatever I want on there!  Check it out at smell-swell.com

sun swell


just some other goodies you can find on the etsy page

just some other goodies you can find on the etsy page



upcycled gift bags


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