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I just wanted to let you guys in on a little secret.  If you have never been to the nursery The Backyard, you should go there.  It is a small little garden center off of 17th Street and Tustin in Costa Mesa and it literally is a backyard.  The front house is a cute little shop called 7 Blue Chairs, also noteworthy, but more on that later.  It was a wasted space that was just sitting there until these guys decided to turn it into a nursery.  They have beautiful Christmas trees, so if you are local and you haven’t purchased your tree yet, make your way to The Backyard and tell Ryan, the owner, that you read about it here at Perfect Piece of Time!  We usually like going to Irvine and cutting down our own tree at Pelzer Pines, but it was so fun to walk to go get a tree.  No tying it to the car or anything like that.  Plus, I am always a fan of supporting local business.  And the atmosphere definitely beats Target or the grocery store parking lot.  Oh and one more thing!  If you are looking for a space to host your next party, The Backyard does that too!  There are pretty white lights strung across the yard that make the ambiance perfect for a reception or shower.  It is perfect for anyone in need of a landscaped backyard who doesn’t have one!

Okay, now back to 7 Blue Chairs.  It is a super cute store that sells chic-vintage-modern…stuff!  I don’t know how to describe it!  I bought washi tape (printed Japanese masking tape) and a baby push toy there, but the other day a lady walked out with rug and a chair.  You can read about her shop here for more: http://www.localemagazine.com/orange-county-lifestyle/7-blue-chairs-modern-vintage-decor-goods-in-orange-county/

My friend, Kat Harris described the store as selling bric a brac.  I LOVE that word (is it considered one word even though there are spaces???).  I don’t use it in my vocabulary, although I just might have to start.  It is just a fun word to say, try it!  I decided to look it up and here’s what I found:

noun, ( used with a singular or plural verb  )

miscellaneous small articles collected for their antiquarian,sentimental, decorative, or other interest.
So, 7 Blue Chairs sells bric a brac.  Kat Harris takes pictures.  And The Backyard is a lovely place to take pictures.  Have a look.
mommy and tatum
piper wagon 2
christmas pic family pic

merry kissmas!

merry kissmas!



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  1. i’m totally going to print and frame the one of you all in the christmas tree patch. just LOVE these pictures, SERIOUSLY! miss you so much! i forgot when i said for Skype??

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