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I am in love.  Seriously in love. The objects of my affection?  Piper and Tatum.  I just have been really enjoying my family this week.  Maybe it is the fact that tomorrow is February, or maybe it is that Brian has had half days this week and we’ve had the chance to spend time together in the afternoons.  Whatever it is, I just have felt like doting on my kiddos.  This morning they woke up and I surprised them with homemade granola with strawberries and fresh squeezed orange juice in champagne glasses for breakfast.  And then, I decided to make Piper a picture.  It took all of 2 minutes, but I wrote “I love you Piper” in block letters and then put polka dots in the letters.  She makes me pictures and cards everyday and it makes my heart happy, so this time I decided to make one for her.  And then tonight, I was out with a friend and decided to buy them each a mylar balloon.  They love balloons and I know they will be so stoked when they wake up in the morning and see them tied to their chairs.  When I came home from dinner I saw this cute card in an envelope that she made.


I thought to myself, aww, my little sweetie has made me another card.    And then I asked Brian where the card was that I made for her and he said, Oh, she wanted to sleep with it.  Are you serious?  How did I get so lucky that this little girl, 5 years 11 months old thinks I am so great.  I know this won’t always be the case and so I will savor each moment.

sleeping pi

This afternoon we worked on a piece of yard art.  I have been into “pallet reincarnation”.  At Christmas I had Brian get me a pallet and cut it into a triangle to look like a Christmas tree.

I wish I had a picture of it totally finished.  I darkened the manger and added some more trees on the right.  Oh well.

I wish I had a picture of it totally finished. I darkened the manger and added some more trees on the right. Oh well.

And today we painted a heart.  It isn’t perfect, but it will give you the idea, and maybe you can make an even better one.  I wish we would have kept the slats on the back side so that it would look more three-dimensional.  I guess there’s always St. Patrick’s Day ;).


The kids decorated the heart with foam stickers, then we spray painted it, and then pulled the stickers off.


And now we have a heart hanging from our tree!  And those are my two little munchkins kissing in front of it.


This blog hasn’t been updated as often as the ideas fill my head unfortunately, sorry about that.  But life got busy!  I feel truly lucky to have had the experience of being featured in the Orange County Register a few weeks ago for my homemade deodorant and sunscreen.  My friends may know this already, but this may be news to some of my “followers”.  It sounds funny even saying that.  But I just wanted to let you all know that you can check it out here.

And here we are on the cover!

newspaper article

It was such a fun day of being interviewed and photographed!  It was as close as I’ll get to my 15 minutes of fame.  The exciting news is that I have had steady sales at and the article has been reprinted in newspapers in Palm Springs, Lake Havasu, North Dakota, Milwaukee, and North Carolina, and those are the ones I know of!  Talk about free advertising!

It’s almost midnight, and I am not a night owl, but I almost forgot.  How cute is this for a Valentine’s treat???  I wrote this on my friend’s cutie yesterday when she wasn’t looking and then got the brilliant idea that it would make a great candy alternative for Valentine’s day!  I totally should have done nicer writing, because then it could be all over Pinterest ;).

orange orange 2



just one more


Today marks 7 years without my dad.  I spent 26 years of my life with my dad, and now the number of years without him are creeping up.  Seven years since I last had a conversation with my dad.  We would talk on the phone often.  He was a talker, and well, so am I.  And so lately, I have been thinking about what I would say to him if I could just have one more conversation with him, just one more visit or even a phone call.  There is so much that has happened in the last 7 years.  Mostly just small things like, you know, MOTHERHOOD!  I believe in the afterlife.  I believe in heaven, so the more I thought about this, the more I thought, I wonder if he knows my life.  I wonder if he is aware of life here on earth.  I thought that if I could just have one more conversation with him, I would mostly just be an eager listener to hear what life after death is like.  But to humor myself, and in case he isn’t watching down on us, I thought of what I would want to tell him and it goes something like this.

Hey Dad!  First things first, I just wanted to tell you that I finally made it to Vegas.  It wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but I am glad I went.  Okay, moving on.  I am 100% enveloped in the life of being a mom.  I try not to.  I don’t want to be, but I just am.  My once flat stomach is kind of squishy now and I drive a 7 passenger van.  I refuse to call it a minivan.  It’s a Eurovan.  Is a Eurovan a minivan?  Please tell me it’s not.  Oh and how I’ve aged.  I think I’ll blame it on the kids.  I took a super close up picture of my eye the other day on Brian’s phone.  I thought it would be really cool looking, but instead, I got a not-so-cool picture of my eye surrounded by “fine lines and wrinkles” as the commercials like to put it.  Yikes!  I figured that since I was the baby I would just stay that way!  I eat pretty darn healthy which would probably bother you.  We often even eat vegetarian meals.  Can you believe it?  There is life after meat.  No Spam in this house.  What is Spam anyway?  I am guessing part ham, but what’s the sp all about?  Anyway, the kids manage to be happy and healthy despite their limited sugar and meat intake.  Piper was our little surprise the year after you passed, and though I thought choosing to have a child seemed like the scariest thing in the world, I am so incredibly happy that it, whatever it is, chose me.  And now we have two little rascals that bring immense joy into my life.  And Brian.  That Brian!  Who knew that he had some serious daddy skills hidden up his sleeve?  Nautica was probably the first baby he ever held, and now he has shown himself to be an amazing, all in, dad.  Piper and Tatum are truly blessed.  And Dad, they know you and that means so much to me because you are my dad; my crazy, politically incorrect, smart-ass dad and I miss you dearly.

fam5 lilbrooke IMG_7264 To read the other posts about my crazy dad (I am serious, he was kinda crazy.  Good thing I’m normal!), click here or here.

Christmas Vacation


After this year’s annual family cook-off in Arizona we decided to take a little family road trip.  First we checked out a few cool places in Arizona, like Montezuma’s Castle


and Horseshoe Bend.


Then it was on to the land of “life elevated”, red rocks, and polygamists. 😉


Monument Valley



My little snow angel ringing in the new year.


monument valley

gouldings trading post


Moving on



How do you get a two year old to sit in a stroller after sitting in the car for 4 hours? Simple, bribe them with a lolly!



And of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Vegas and a picture with Elvis.

Family Reunion


Brian acts like a family vacation to Arizona, is like a trip to another country.  My family lives there, and I personally think they are pretty normal.  Arizona is like an extension of California. It is just a bunch of suburbs and neighborhoods filled with people like us.  But this time, I decided to have an eye for the out of the ordinary, and I hate to admit it, I think Brian was on to something.   I think my family is a bit strange, but I love that about them!  

In Arizona, you might think my family is Mormon or old school Catholic and doesn’t believe in birth control.  You will find pets that my dog thinks is dinner.  You will see an 8 year old that is the same size as my two year old.  It is possible that you might mistake my aunt’s family as school children on a field trip as they drive around town in their bus.  And you also will probably see a miniature male manicurist.