Family Reunion


Brian acts like a family vacation to Arizona, is like a trip to another country.  My family lives there, and I personally think they are pretty normal.  Arizona is like an extension of California. It is just a bunch of suburbs and neighborhoods filled with people like us.  But this time, I decided to have an eye for the out of the ordinary, and I hate to admit it, I think Brian was on to something.   I think my family is a bit strange, but I love that about them!  

In Arizona, you might think my family is Mormon or old school Catholic and doesn’t believe in birth control.  You will find pets that my dog thinks is dinner.  You will see an 8 year old that is the same size as my two year old.  It is possible that you might mistake my aunt’s family as school children on a field trip as they drive around town in their bus.  And you also will probably see a miniature male manicurist.  



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