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do small things with GREAT LOVE

 One year ago today we had our German exchange student come and stay with us.  I told her that we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, and then when she arrived I had a red table cloth with hearts, Valentine pennant flags hanging, and little candies in a heart dish on the end table.  I guess what I meant was that Brian and I don’t go out to a romantic dinner.  But I still love the opportunity to decorate and to do something special for someone is always fun too.
I thought it would be fun to share some of the “something specials” I had to in mind!
My friend, Brooke, one time made hearts with words of affirmation to her husband and stapled them to stakes and stuck them all over her yard.  I thought it was such a great idea!  I heard of a similar idea where you can stick hearts saying all the things you love about the person (could be your kids, hubby, boyfriend, whoever!) all over the bathroom, or bedroom, or their car.  I also thought that a trail of chalk hearts leading from the house to the car or bike or however your Valentine gets to school or work would be cute and at the end could be something special.  Another idea, you could buy heart shaped pasta at Cost Plus and have dinner in, because really, who wants to go out on Valentine’s day?  Or order pizza from Zpizza, you can request heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s day, how fun is that?  After dinner, give your kids a bath and add some food coloring, a few drops of red won’t do anything to their hair or skin, but it will give them a festive pink bath.  And lastly, mail something fun to a secret Valentine!  I once received a water bottle in the mail with a message inside.  You can seriously mail anything!  Get to the post office by the 13th, it only takes one day to mail local!  This year, I found a pink pillow at the thrift store, decked out with sequins on one side.  I wrote the address and drew a box around it and let Piper have at it with a sharpie.  I took it to the post office and said, “We want to mail this just like this.”  And we did!  I wish I had a picture to show you.  If you had a glue gun, (or a sewing machine if you are really crafty) you could even make a pillow with some felt or fabric.  And lastly, I am making Piper’s teacher a healthy snack with a juice from the juicer (I’m going to add some beets so that it is red), nuts and an apple.  She’s a healthy lady, so I know she’ll like it.  I made up this little poem that I am going to attach, feel free to steal it if you’d like.
Today’s the day of hearts and sweets, so I’ve brought you in some special treats.  Too much candy can make you sick, but fruits and veggies will help real quick!  
Happy Valentine’s Day to a very special teacher!

Wait there’s more!  I recently received my new pair of TOMS in the mail.  I wanted to get the cute wedge boot, but opted for my good ol’ standby of the classic flat.  I love what they say all over them even though you can’t read my shoes when I am walking by.  Actually, even if you looked close you probably wouldn’t be able to tell what is scribbled all over.  So, I will tell you!  They say, DO SMALL THINGS WITH GREAT LOVE.  Mother Teresa said that, cute, huh?  Well, isn’t that the truth.  It is a lot better than doing big things with no love.  And so my friend last night said, what does that look like?  And it made me think of this 12 Days of Kindness list I saw during the Christmas season.  How easy it is to show love to someone else!  And it really costs very little.  We are going to take a couple of these ideas and love on a stranger this Valentine’s day.  I love the idea of taping coins to a vending machine and leaving a Target gift card for someone in a shopping cart.  So are you on board?  Leave a comment below and let me know of your ideas of what doing small things with great love looks like.