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I have so many drafts started for entries that I have wanted to write and never finished.  Clover’s birth is one of them, but for now it is on the back burner and I am hoping to get this started and finished in one sitting.

So, the big news around here is we’re moving.  And while it is fresh in my mind I wanted to share what has happened recently.  We rent this cute little house.  Cute to me at least, and little to most.  Well, most Americans.  I am sure someone in Haiti wouldn’t think so.  But anyway,  last year our house sold and the new owner did not want us to renew our lease.  I felt that I was in this constant state of the unknown and wishing I could know if we were going to get kicked out or if they bought it just for the investment and we could stay.  I knew that no one was buying the place to move in to.  But with the market on the up and up again, the possibility of them tearing it down and building a 4,000 sf house was giving me some anxiety.  That was last spring.  Summer came and went and we heard nothing.  And then the day after Christmas land surveyors were here surveying the land and I started looking for places to live immediately.  If we were given 60 days notice in January, that would put it right around the time I was due to have the baby and I just couldn’t have that.  I wanted to be settled and not adding a move to having a baby.  We spent hours on and craigslist and drove around the neighborhood.  It was so incredibly discouraging!  We love our neighbors and our neighborhood, and now we were finding smaller places for more money.  We found this amazing house and the lady wanted to rent to us, but she wouldn’t allow dogs and the price was almost $400 more than we pay now.  We crunched the numbers and we just couldn’t do it.  Where would that money come from?  All along, we just prayed for clarity and for the perfect place.  Piper prayed for a 2-story with a fireplace.  Hey, why not?

And then I just had a peace.  A peace to stay put.  If we were going to pay more in rent and move to a smaller place, why start now?  Let’s just wait until we have to.  So I told Brian to paint the  baby’s room, we’re staying!  Of course, the feeling was mutual.  Her room turned out so cute and we just used paint and decorations we already had.  Oh yeah, plus my mom made the bedding and the curtains, so that could also be why it’s so cute. 🙂Image   Image


That peace went by the wayside on May 14th when I pulled up to my house and saw a public notice staked into my yard saying that there was going to be a hearing at City Hall to approve plans to build two custom homes on our property.  They couldn’t even inform the folks who live there before having the city put a sign in the yard?  How rude and completely tacky if you ask me.  It was Open House at my hubby’s school, so it was just me and the kids and so I told my Piper, “they’re tearing our house down.”  I saw her face drop and I realized that I shouldn’t have told her that at that time.  I wanted to tell some one and she was there, and sometimes I forget that she’s seven.  

That evening we ordered take out and had dinner at the park with my friend who’s husband was working late too.  I told her about the sign and she said, “Did I tell you that we’re moving too?”  And I more or less said, “No!  Why?  We’re going to miss you guys if you move.  But if you do move, then I want to move it your place.”  She only lives 4 driveways down.  And while I was serious about moving into her place I wasn’t sure about any of the details, but still my peace returned.  The timing would have to work out, they would have to allow dogs, and of course, the biggy, $$$.  But until I found out about those things, I wasn’t going to stress, I wasn’t going to spend hours looking online, I wasn’t going to spend my energy thinking about what we were going to do.  The next day she mailed her notice to move out mid July and asked her landlord if we could contact him.  We chatted, and a few days later we signed the lease.  The house is a 2-story with a fireplace, about the same size as our place, with 2 bathrooms, a walk-in closet and a dishwasher!  What luxuries for us!  And like I said, we are so invested here with our neighbors, and who would have thought that we would just be moving 4 houses down?  Oh, and the rent, $20 more.  Can you believe it?

You know, we were desperate to find a place when we moved to our house.  I didn’t not like it.  It was ugly and brown, and I hated the carpet.  Oh yeah, and we had a major ant problem in the beginning.  What a pain!  I did not want to stay beyond our lease.  But we made it our home (and Brian painted it, which made a big difference) and I am so grateful for the way things worked out.  I am grateful that we didn’t try to push open a closed door back in January.  I am thankful that we invited our kids into the journey and that I could share with Piper how her prayers were answered.  We could not have imagined that this is how things would turn out, but we are grateful.  

And lastly, I am grateful to Lindsey Kliewer photography that photographed our family doing life with our new baby in our home; memories that we will cherish long after our house is gone.