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Third Time’s a Charm!


We welcomed Clover Elizabeth into the world on March 16th. Another interesting birth story to say the least! You can click here to read about Tatum’s birth. So, baby #1 was a 21 hour labor. And then baby #2 was born in the parking lot of the hospital. Besides it being my second birth, I also received acupuncture. So after such a fast birth, I told myself, I don’t want to find out if it was the acupuncture or not, because I will only get acupuncture during pregnancy from now on! Unlike my other labors, I started having contractions for weeks leading up to Clover’s birth. On the morning of the 16th, I thought to myself for probably the 6th time, this could be the day! We had a birthday party that morning at a party place about a half hour away. Piper didn’t want to go because she was having a celebration in her class at church, so just Tatum and I went. I told Brian to just make sure he had his phone handy just in case. I brought some stuff I needed to return to my sister’s house which was on the way, and also something I needed to return to Costco. Just all part of the “nesting” I guess. I stopped by my sister’s on the way to the party and then visited and chatted with my neighbors and friends. Of course, we talked about the birth and they told me how “brave” I was for having a home birth. I said, “I don’t know if you would call it brave. I just don’t want to be en route to the hospital again!” I was feeling mild cramps, but they were starting to get a little more intense. So I left the party at 11:50, about 10 minutes before the party was over because I wanted to be sure I got to Costco before going home. I got to Costco, parked and got Tatum out of the car when I decided I should really just go home. I was feeling uncomfortable, feelings that were all too familiar from Tatum’s birth. Not the contractions that were typical with Piper or with Tatum toward the end, but I knew that this could be quick and I did NOT want to be delivering my child in Costco! So I changed my mind and decided to head home (good idea!) and called the midwife and left a message. I also called Brian and told him to have lunch ready because I was huuuungryyyy. Don’t mess with a pregnant woman and her hunger. He told me that Piper was at a friend’s house and that he would pick her up after his soccer game which was at 2. Yes, he thought he was going to play soccer even though I was calling to say the baby was on her way.:) When I got home I ate lunch around 1, Brian tried to lay Tatum down and the midwife called me back. She was on her way to Garden Grove, about a 25 min. drive from my house, and told me she would come over after her visit with a new mom there. I couldn’t be certain that the baby was coming, but just felt really uneasy about the fact that she would be going to Garden Grove. My contractions were a minute or so apart and lasting only 45 seconds, but she wasn’t concerned because I was able to talk to her despite having the contractions. Thankfully she called me back minutes later and said she was on her way because she didn’t want to miss the birth. In the meantime, my mom stopped by and we had her go pick up Piper and gave her some food to prepare for dinner and to go home and we would call her. The midwife arrived at our house at 1:45 and told me I was too happy to be in labor. She checked my vitals and then at 2 o’clock she checked to see how much I was dilated. She was surprised to see that I was at a 9. From then she kicked it into high gear. Brian had the job of filling up the pool, she was getting her equipment ready and called her assistants. I called and texted the grandparents. My mom had barely been home a few minutes and she and Piper were on there way back. Right around 2 the contractions also got much more intense. I breathed through them, but began to not like the fact that I was laboring alone in my room. I told the midwife that my legs were starting to really hurt during the contractions (in a distressed voice btw, I was no longer happy). She told me to change positions and it was then that I knew the baby was coming. Brian came in and I began pushing. I don’t know how many pushes, but soon Clover Elizabeth was there for us to see and admire. Born at 2:19 in the afternoon. She had a very short umbilical cord and the placenta detached before she came out so she was a blue baby. But she took her first breath and cried right away and her color quickly returned. Meanwhile, Tatum was making a mess in the room and not napping. As she tells the story, she could hear people saying, “Close the windows” (I am thinking for the cold and the new baby, hopefully not because I screamed!) and Tatum said, “And I was like, You’re not the boss of this place.” My mom and Piper arrived and Tatum greeted them at the door and said, “Clovie’s here!”